May 18, 2010

at 6:22 PM

A quick one..

ard the 2nd week of exam..
despite being restless..i'd say everythin is stil under control.. *smiles*

spent a few nites at bei's house to study, mainly on adMaths..
well the usual group study we had years bck were being stated as 'a waste-of-time'..
but nt this time =DD whee?
haha but today's paper(adM) was okay.. let see wat i ll get..

parents came home early today..mum hving fever..
doctor suspected tat it's dengue, i was shocked cuz she hardly gets sick de..
get well soon maaamiii.....*sobs

choir competition was held last sat..
we got 3rd, and i was reali disappointed..
well jus in case ure an ACS-ians.. no offense, really..
but stil, i personally feel tat our singing is better..
sigh i feel bad, for nt giving them enuf of practices in the hall..
anyway i can reali see their passion, each one of them.. =)
no doubt tat they improved alot.. and yes, i mean ALOT..
frm sour faces i turned them to smiley faces..
frm singing out of tune, they sumhw got bck on track..
frm being inharmonious(dunno da word xp) , they sang sweetly on tat day..

me n my Jane babe xD

on the way home..

Ahh~ all in all, i believe they ard did their best..(or mayb nt o.o)
ppl might nt like it, but who cares? we had fun singing, right?
anyway, again, they re still the best bunch of all, i mean it =)

Bukit Mewah Choir 2010

watch it if u want.. hehe..
i was the conductress, if u noticed xD

and nw, i hv no more excuses to slack, gotta focus bck on my studies..
sc n mths tmr, pray for me ar~

all the best for ya pepz out ther, who are also perishing becuz of mid-term test =x
together, we can conquer exams~!

*dum dum tak tak dum dum tak*




Tommy said...

Good luck in your exam lo.haha

MidnightGurl said...

wow i didnt noe u hv a blog! hhaha cool


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