May 27, 2010

at 3:14 PM

yay~ =D

note: spontan post..

1000 hitz! whee~

hehh to all of u peeeople who've been faithfully(or not) visiting my bloggie, thankeww! ^^

2 yrs bck(2008) when i started to blog, i nvr knew people will actually caree n take time to read my blog.. for me, blog is lik my 2nd diary..

nobody knows, nobody cares.
my blog, my world.

until then some started to urge me to blog whenever i stop blogging for days...
some might nt like it, some might find it interesting, some might even get offended.. o.o
i dont know, but again..
my blog, my thoughts.

anyway my main purpose is to appreciate ur time on my blog =)
whoever u are, yeah, thanks....!

some taken pics when im bored.. i mean, really BORED... xD

ini candid @@


*loads of huggs* ^^



Ken Fei said...

lol == like that pinch ur bro... 3rd pic so cute hahha =D

MidnightGurl said...

he let wor? xD

Tommy said...

That's was a cute picture haha

MidnightGurl said...

xP thx hahaaa


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