Jun 23, 2010

at 2:00 PM

Lil bit here and there

Sumthing new to share! =)

mah pencilcase-to-be! ^^

another novel i bought with my own earnings..ouch =x but it worths a bunch..~

and here goes our class t-shirtt.. (back view)

look! tats my name! xD

i didnt go school today, was seriously ill..
didnt have a good sleep last nite =(

more updates soon..
stay tuned people.. pray for me as well, thx a bunch! =)

p/s: don't mind yea, cam's quality sux big time......



Tommy said...

Take care lol.ill yet able to blog.haha

MidnightGurl said...

yeh.. update is a need... xD


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