Jun 18, 2010

at 1:59 PM

misery remains anyhow..

I'm officially on the countdown until school reopen..
1st week of holiday had been dull...whereas the 2nd week is truly amusing..

last wed i went thong's house with bei... they wanted to revise for adMaths..
haha, and i was right, we didnt study at all, nt even a single question..so yeah, it's more lik a gathering than a group study... and wooot, they put the blame on me! said i talked too much..o.o
neverminddd, it turned out rather good... dont u think so bei? xD
we had wan tan mee for supper, we chitchatted, we gossip, we spam camwhore while brushing teeth (crazy =.=), we slept at 4am in da morrrrning, so n so..

so in the end, we left the book untouched.. =)

14th June (Monday) i went for our annual CF Camp, as Ekey said, it was indeed rocking crazy!!..

first time in my life, i tried..

Rocks Climbing

the coming down part was fun, u hv to kick the board n straighten ur leg.. n jumppp!

Leaps of Faith




I missed the bar... so yeah.. hehe

Flying Fox

and this is me,got stuck in the middle while duin flying fox... in the end the guy had to 'rescue' me by giving me the paddle n pull me bck... embarassing! =.=


but flying fox is my favourite activity of all! =))

we also tried kayaking.. jonathan toppled my boat! i dropped into the pond n my watch spoilt... uhh.... they said the bottom of the pond is full of faeces and mud... and i was lik omgoshhhhhh!
i stepped on the faeces! or mud..dont know.. it was slimy, bouncy, and ahh yucks!!
we woke up 5 in the morning the nxt day, and again the first time in my life, i climbed Broga Hill~
the scenery was sooo beautiful..... too bad i didnt own a camera.. or else i'd definitely took bunch of photos frm the top of the hill..

this is me and Gana, one of the OUTBAC guy who led us to the hill..
he's fun! =)

we managed to see the sun rise =)

and wat amused me most was meeting coincident with 8tv crew on top of the hill!!
Zac, Wind, Rickman n Baki...they were recording for Amusing Race i guess...
but omg can u bliff it?? no i cant....how thrilling~!

look tat's Baki!! can u spot him? =D

and this is Zac a.k.a 志祥..
gotcha! nyek nyek~

and i think im the only 1 got so excited.. reali.. nobody intend to take picture with them...waaaat is this maaaaan..... ish wat a waste =(
i regretted for nt being bold enuf to go alone hehe.. =x
anyway tat was reali unexpected..
for the rest of the day, we were plying, plying, and only plying... games, activites, sessions..
plyed CSI at night, and watched 'Get Smart' in the hall until 2am, with snacks cookies chips drinks n yea, aircond! whee~
the nxt morning we were all half dead..err not exactly all, but me at least..
my whole body was aching!..
exhausted, but yet enjoyable..
i didnt regret going for cf camp.. althou at first i was kinda forced to go..=x

and thruout the whole camp..few things caught my attention..

adeline's socks...cute =p

camp rules?.... o.o

yesterday i went kl with Bei, Poh Ying n Joyce..
met Joshua as well...thx for the dinner! =)

daddy mummy, im sorry..
thx for understanding.. i love u both alot...

honesty is indeed the best policy..



alantanblog said...

Nice photo! & I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

Feel free to join Broga Hill Lovers - Facebook Group at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=81317897674

MidnightGurl said...

woah hw did u even find my blog!!
cool, yes i joined.. =D


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