Jun 6, 2010

at 11:25 AM

simmer dowwn

Yes Folks! i finally hv time to blog xDD

like i care.. =x

When I mean time flies, I mean time flies.. 2 weeks of holiday is NOT enough for us 5th formers, after a whole loooooooong month of exams..=.= agree? say yes!

i hv been busy over the past month, not to mention I am trying my best to find time for my bloggie..

this was wat happened before the last paper..

R: eh last paper already!
J: yeah i noe, hahaaa, dun get over excited lerh xD

R: let me see ur answer later k *sly grin

J: die lah u..
R: =.=...eh see my ruler... *flips ruler* (random o.o)
J: like i dun hv one? =.=' dun kena me ah i tel u

R:*hits ruler on J's head!*
J:woi! hit summore n i ll break it!
R:i dare u! xD

J: *grab ruler,slowly...bent it* o.o

*pak!*......*both stunned for 2secs*

R: ....ahahah! =.=

J: omg im soooo sorry!! sorry sorry xD u dared me!

R:nvm lah, cheap ruler (memang..) haha..

J: omg haha, didnt noe it ll break so easy lerh...sowiiiieeeee *guilty*
R:its ok! i hv another one.. *giggle*
J:sorry sorry sorry...
R: say 1 more time n i wun forgive u..

J:......erm, sorry... =x

LOL....poor Raymond hahaaa....

Starting this month i ll hv 3 more students.. and i thank the Lord for that.. =)
jus afraid that i might be too busy n tired..
but yeshh i need $! ive been spending alot, and today is only the 2nd day of holiday =x
kawans, go watch Prince of Persia, its niceeee! =D thx Juuuulian lalaa~
went jusco with Kay, Wan Xuan n Madeline yst... we went Greenbox and sang for 3 hours!
and guess wat wan xuan said in the end...

'整个过程她们两个最high lorh...'

yea she meant me n Kay....lol =.=
later we joined the others at Manhattan.. Melissa, Angel and Joyce Choong our new fren..
and i tell u.. Joyce is jus another version of Melissa...ahhhhh nevermind xD..
we went for Crab meal after service....and yeahhhh...it was AWESOME!

last Fri i went for singing audition in skul..
i joined both solo n group singing.. they chose the best 10 out of 30+ for solo to the final, and i wasnt in..
lol..i forgot lyrics,lagged for few seconds xP...
have to admit, im nt up to standard yet n yesh there reali are alot pros... =x
but we manage to pass our group singing..well at least xD yea so, come support us for final!! =)

actually i took quite a long time to write this post, trying to recal bck everything..
hehe lazy sial...hope u enjoy reading.,.
bye lakk okayys x)

look at da curlss......
messy...but Joey likeyyy!~
hehehe =p



Tommy said...

Seems you enjoy a lot, haha happy holiday!!!

elaine宇羚 said...

lol. when you went jusco!? i din c you punya? haha xD

MidnightGurl said...

haha yeshh i did enjoy =)

i went on fri night n saturday noon..
lols din see u also leyy...x)

HKK Jirokay said...

Ikan bakarrrrrrr>.<
T.TWhen only i can have it?!!!!

MidnightGurl said...

hahaaaa, coming soon!!


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