Jul 25, 2010

at 2:34 AM

Middle of the Night!

Shout unto God with the voice of Triumph,
Shout unto God with the voice of Praise!
Shout unto God with the voice of Triumph,
We lift Your name up,
We lift Your name up!

Man i just LOVE this songgg!!
dont know why, it just gives my strength =)
third song in my list, just in case ure wondering hehehe

Aku tired.

Oh well, what crap, im suppose to blog now! xD

Highlights: i finally tasted the Lamb Rice at Tarot Cafe!!
wheee~ went with Angel and Julian..eh it's not cheap noee~ thanks gorr! xD
i appreciate de ley~

well, it was quite long ago since we last had times lik this, rite rite?
enjoyed it.. reali =))

guess he was too bored...
and he called himself da pro photographer!
well, u judge! lalala

i dont think i look good thou =(
but still, nice angle!! x)

aite, 1 down, 18 to goo!!! yes i mean Sej chapters...
laugh at me if u want to, hw many days to go and i only finished 1 of them..

Pathetic, isn't it?

Like i care! lol.. studying just for the sake of taking exam... tats basically, fact..
So it looks like i will continue on9ing after all..

I feel like screaming to the whole world now,


Exactly!.. bare in mind, Exam Don't Kill!
so kawanku, rilekkk laaa~ =)

Oh FYI, we didnt win for Choir Competition..
cut the long story short, we were disqualified..
ask me personally if ure interested to find out.. lols!

(nevermind, i wun expect any thou xD)


Aku tired.

for real this time, i ll leave the others for nxt post..
it's 4am NOW!!

Pro!! Goodnight People =D


Jul 20, 2010

at 4:41 PM


Note: short post.

i was told by teacher today, that the date for choir competition has chged, again..

and guess wat?

it's TOMORROW!!!!

scary, huh?? =((( i mean, hw can they inform us last minute???

everyone was soo shocked.. we didnt hv enuf time to find costume, so no choice we ll only wear the same uniform like hw we wore for daerah...

sigh, we aren't prepared..seriously..

and i ll leave everything else to God..

Always & 4ever,

Jul 19, 2010

at 3:21 PM

Double Dutch!

i kinda enjoyed today's assembly =D
nono, definitely not of 'his' speech!
i was too engrossed into a fiction novel i borrowed frm Ekey earlier, 'Remember' by the novelist Karen Kingsbury and relationship expert Gary Smalley..
hey, the relationship expert! hahaha, guys will nvr like these type of novel..or will they?
it's all bout friendship love, family love, and yes the love that anyone could have thought..
Story is getting more n more exciting and imma finish it before wednesday! quite thick, thou..

i fished in class as usual today, when our BM teacher gave us work i was ard half asleep..
then suddenly i heard her calling my name and i jumped! no lah i mean, i was wide awake by then....xD she called me out so i was lik, OH YA LISAN!! aiyahh die jiu die lahh..
she asked me a few questions regarding the sajak,so i answered lohh.. she nodded, and asked for my signature.. there, wheee~ lisan over!! dont know the exact score, but im getting 30+/40... =DD

was glad cos i finally finished up all my account work ='))
today acc teacher came in class and asked us to show our homework.. some shouted 'BELUM SIAPP' and the others were lik, 'banyak ahh cikgu, x tau buat'..
she said, 'bilaaa nak buaat? tahun depan ye?'
then i uttered sumthing stupid, 'ye lahhh...'
'siape yang ckp tu??'
i went like omgosh dang it she heard me!! xDD
she saw my giggling and then.... 'ahh TIENN!!! Tien Ja She punye adik!! *PINCHHH'
'cikgu saya Ju Yee LAAAA!!!' *ouch..

i didnt go for Report Card Day last fri..and followed Pn Ong to school at 12pm..lala
and i only got my result today.. 8th in class and 45th for the whole form..
better than my first test, but not as good as last year's.. =(
tot i could focus on my studies starting frm this month, but no i was wrong..
28th July wil be our choir competition for state level.. staying bck everyday frm tmr onwards..
next up, my Bible quiz on 14th Aug, just 2 days before trial!!

help me dear Lord, will you?

Always & 4ever,

Jul 17, 2010

at 1:07 AM

In Between

so YES, im going for National Service..
i forgot hw many ppl send for me to check, i only got to know like, 1 hour ago...
first i asked Jack Chay to check for me, with his digi number..it was at 3pm on thursday..
nxt was my mum's hp,digi also...on the same day around 6.30pm..
even until now, they haven reply yet..
this afternoon aunt helped to check with maxis number, 2 hours later she got the reply!!
but ahhh, it says...

RM0.20 PLKN: Maklumat anda diterima. Utk mendapatkan senarai & panduan perkhidmatan SMS PLKN, sila taip: PLKN MENU & SMS ke 15888

i was like wat in the worlddd?!
then Josh sent for me another one,with MAXIS number!! and minutes later he got the reply..

RM0.20 PLKN: Tahniah! 931026055532 terpilih menyertai PLKN Siri 8/2011. Penempatan pelatih akan dimaklumkan kemudian

it wasnt expected, it's lik, one in a million!! err not exactly, 1 in a 50?
but well the main point here is,


okay this is only for the fun of emphasizing it xD

whatever it is, i ll still go, yeshhh...
im seriously torn between delight and dismay...
going there meaning i ll hv to..

stop giving tuition
stop serving in church
stop seeing my frens
and family =(
tons of bugs!
no water heaterrr....
no handphone..
no ice creammm~~
and worst of all, no internettttt!!!

but yet,

i ll get to meet a bunch of new frens
get rm450 (which is like, uhh!sien....)
learn new stuff
try all the exciting activites heheee

see lehh, more disadvantages... =x

but all in all, i ll always keep this in mind, God send me there, for a reason.. =)
so imma be the light, and...


i realize this post is kinda lamee...

forgive me, i tend to get unusual at times like this, after all, it's my HOUR!

call me, the Midnight Gurl..

love y'all! =)

Always and Forever,


Jul 13, 2010

at 3:30 PM

ahh Tuesday! =(

i used to mourrrrn on Thursday, becuz of al the double periodsss..
since our timetable chged, all da double periods shifted to tuesday..

i was practically dreaming in class today.. in other word, sleep..
one step after another, stepping into my own sweet world.. xD
Shekiee was in front of me, with my water bottle and pencil box blocking my face, need not worry..whee~

i heard frm ppl tat some of the contestants wasnt very happy with the result of Mewah's Star..
negative comments, and positive ones as well..
i ll still stay neutral.. we did the best we could ( i guess) , yet it wasnt the best of all..i know it.. =)
it was unexpected thou, cuz well, there truly are groups tat sang better..
anyway, wats passed is passed, i do hope it won't affect the way ppl look at us..
we join to gain experience, nothing more..for me at least.. i seriously did not expect to win anything..
haha anyway! i did enjoy singing on stage, sooo much!! i guess ive overcome my stage phobia liao.. lalala~ xDD

i was called to answer question during acc class today..

'Tien, apa jawapan?'
'cikgu, tak tau nama saye ke?' o.o
'tak lahh, tu lah kelemahan saye, nama chinese susah nk ingat.. i ingat Tien je, Tien Ja She punye adik'

and i was like.. denggggg~ *=='

ish lah! my name is Joey..


skipped my acc extra class today.. tireddd sial!
time to dream, chaoz people~ =D


Jul 11, 2010

at 10:44 AM


Yo blogz! =)

wed was our Hari Usahawan, i would say it was quite, uhh.. boooring.. =x
but yah, our Christian Fellowship Stall did very well hehh~ PTL!
i was in charge of the menu and labels for the food n everything, so i was rushing my work the night before.. wat to do, last minute mahhhh.. lol, and i slpet around 2am =.=
the whole wed was tiring, thank God my tui doesnt fall on Wed.. hehehe

Happy belated birthday to Jenny, and Happy birthday to Madelineee =))

sister, Jessie :: me, Joey :: birthday girl 1, Jenny :: jenny's couziee, Swee Yee

me, Joey :: birthday girl 2, Madeline

steamboat was great, dominoss were awesome! thank u Carol and family.. =p

well if u did follow my blog, me n my frens got thru the audition for Mewah Star, and yesterday was our final~
and guess wat?? our group got 2nd place!! hw surprising!
we did not expect anything really..
the raptai sux big biggg time.. which was on Friday afternoon..
music too soft, out of beat, out of tune, forgot lyrics, and wat makes it worse was the mics!
i was really upset.. =(
we planned to practice the nxt morning at 6.30am at Joyce's house.. lol crazy xD
but becuz i forgot to set alarm, i woke up at 7am..tsk
so i called jane, and i went school straight at 7.30am.. i was a lil late, reached at 7.40 and Jia Tze wasnt very happy, sowieee lurr...
i thought the double J will also be mad, but ha-ha, they haven't even reach.. lol =.=
i hv no reason to blame them becuz~
1st, i ffk =x..
2nd, i was also late!, and
3rd, one of the J stomach ache.. lol =x

omg i feel bad sial.. irresponsible, wasnt i?.. =(

anyway come back to our competition, 10 competitors for solo and 8groups for group singing (duh)..
gratz Aretha for getting FIRST and Zhi Er for getting SECOND!
mayb u ll ask why 2 of them, tats because they're are in my choir team!!
proud of'em, really!!! walalallaaah~~ =DD

so here's my TROPHYY!!

whee~ mwahhs~

im just being stupid... don't mind okayy.. heh XDD

video will be uploaded soon.. tats if u wana watch hahax

im suppose to wake up at 6 this morning for marathon... but noe wat? when i woke up, the sky was ard bright, and the clock struck 7.30!!!
and again it was becuz i was too tired last nite and forgot to set alarm! shyyts..
thought i could get medal this year one lerhhh..was sooo excited... sighh =(
ive no choice but to wait for another whole long year...
next year... yes, next year!!

highlight of the past week, Subang Rally was Awesome!!..
truly i was inspired...by the first session especially, and the people there.. the night concert lagi best! but i missed Rev.Julie's sharing..tsk tsk
i was way too tired for the 2nd session, which was after lunch!..lols
had fun with KK and Josh.. thanks larhh peopleee ^^

in love with the songs we sang there!!! so muchhhie!! =DD
the shirt was veryy da nice~ we wanted the red one, but they ran out of stock leyy~ =(
so instead, we bought last year's rally shirt..hahax.. it's in PINK!!!!! darn cool =DD

loving u more Jesus!

me lovey u =)



Jul 6, 2010

at 5:11 PM

picture says it all hehee

hahaha... u noe urself!.. xD

yes, Digi Campus! =)

remember this picture of me?
coincidentally i found one similar with kay's pic =p

and look at our sweaters!
lalala, just for fun..



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