Jul 13, 2010

at 3:30 PM

ahh Tuesday! =(

i used to mourrrrn on Thursday, becuz of al the double periodsss..
since our timetable chged, all da double periods shifted to tuesday..

i was practically dreaming in class today.. in other word, sleep..
one step after another, stepping into my own sweet world.. xD
Shekiee was in front of me, with my water bottle and pencil box blocking my face, need not worry..whee~

i heard frm ppl tat some of the contestants wasnt very happy with the result of Mewah's Star..
negative comments, and positive ones as well..
i ll still stay neutral.. we did the best we could ( i guess) , yet it wasnt the best of all..i know it.. =)
it was unexpected thou, cuz well, there truly are groups tat sang better..
anyway, wats passed is passed, i do hope it won't affect the way ppl look at us..
we join to gain experience, nothing more..for me at least.. i seriously did not expect to win anything..
haha anyway! i did enjoy singing on stage, sooo much!! i guess ive overcome my stage phobia liao.. lalala~ xDD

i was called to answer question during acc class today..

'Tien, apa jawapan?'
'cikgu, tak tau nama saye ke?' o.o
'tak lahh, tu lah kelemahan saye, nama chinese susah nk ingat.. i ingat Tien je, Tien Ja She punye adik'

and i was like.. denggggg~ *=='

ish lah! my name is Joey..


skipped my acc extra class today.. tireddd sial!
time to dream, chaoz people~ =D



HKK Jirokay said...

Ooooo~i pun ingat larr~Jessie Tien sister mah~ xD

MidnightGurl said...

ohh, ya i pun ingat, u're my sister's fren maa.. =.=

Ken Fei said...

haha =_=v well thats sad that only rmb ur sis name. haha... is like that de la. same to my bro. my tuition teacher also just rmb my name although so many years ady. hahaha xD my bro also 囧~

MidnightGurl said...

waaa very hurt de leyyy~ lol =(


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