Jul 19, 2010

at 3:21 PM

Double Dutch!

i kinda enjoyed today's assembly =D
nono, definitely not of 'his' speech!
i was too engrossed into a fiction novel i borrowed frm Ekey earlier, 'Remember' by the novelist Karen Kingsbury and relationship expert Gary Smalley..
hey, the relationship expert! hahaha, guys will nvr like these type of novel..or will they?
it's all bout friendship love, family love, and yes the love that anyone could have thought..
Story is getting more n more exciting and imma finish it before wednesday! quite thick, thou..

i fished in class as usual today, when our BM teacher gave us work i was ard half asleep..
then suddenly i heard her calling my name and i jumped! no lah i mean, i was wide awake by then....xD she called me out so i was lik, OH YA LISAN!! aiyahh die jiu die lahh..
she asked me a few questions regarding the sajak,so i answered lohh.. she nodded, and asked for my signature.. there, wheee~ lisan over!! dont know the exact score, but im getting 30+/40... =DD

was glad cos i finally finished up all my account work ='))
today acc teacher came in class and asked us to show our homework.. some shouted 'BELUM SIAPP' and the others were lik, 'banyak ahh cikgu, x tau buat'..
she said, 'bilaaa nak buaat? tahun depan ye?'
then i uttered sumthing stupid, 'ye lahhh...'
'siape yang ckp tu??'
i went like omgosh dang it she heard me!! xDD
she saw my giggling and then.... 'ahh TIENN!!! Tien Ja She punye adik!! *PINCHHH'
'cikgu saya Ju Yee LAAAA!!!' *ouch..

i didnt go for Report Card Day last fri..and followed Pn Ong to school at 12pm..lala
and i only got my result today.. 8th in class and 45th for the whole form..
better than my first test, but not as good as last year's.. =(
tot i could focus on my studies starting frm this month, but no i was wrong..
28th July wil be our choir competition for state level.. staying bck everyday frm tmr onwards..
next up, my Bible quiz on 14th Aug, just 2 days before trial!!

help me dear Lord, will you?

Always & 4ever,

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