Jul 17, 2010

at 1:07 AM

In Between

so YES, im going for National Service..
i forgot hw many ppl send for me to check, i only got to know like, 1 hour ago...
first i asked Jack Chay to check for me, with his digi number..it was at 3pm on thursday..
nxt was my mum's hp,digi also...on the same day around 6.30pm..
even until now, they haven reply yet..
this afternoon aunt helped to check with maxis number, 2 hours later she got the reply!!
but ahhh, it says...

RM0.20 PLKN: Maklumat anda diterima. Utk mendapatkan senarai & panduan perkhidmatan SMS PLKN, sila taip: PLKN MENU & SMS ke 15888

i was like wat in the worlddd?!
then Josh sent for me another one,with MAXIS number!! and minutes later he got the reply..

RM0.20 PLKN: Tahniah! 931026055532 terpilih menyertai PLKN Siri 8/2011. Penempatan pelatih akan dimaklumkan kemudian

it wasnt expected, it's lik, one in a million!! err not exactly, 1 in a 50?
but well the main point here is,


okay this is only for the fun of emphasizing it xD

whatever it is, i ll still go, yeshhh...
im seriously torn between delight and dismay...
going there meaning i ll hv to..

stop giving tuition
stop serving in church
stop seeing my frens
and family =(
tons of bugs!
no water heaterrr....
no handphone..
no ice creammm~~
and worst of all, no internettttt!!!

but yet,

i ll get to meet a bunch of new frens
get rm450 (which is like, uhh!sien....)
learn new stuff
try all the exciting activites heheee

see lehh, more disadvantages... =x

but all in all, i ll always keep this in mind, God send me there, for a reason.. =)
so imma be the light, and...


i realize this post is kinda lamee...

forgive me, i tend to get unusual at times like this, after all, it's my HOUR!

call me, the Midnight Gurl..

love y'all! =)

Always and Forever,



Timothy K. said...

haha... very good attitude though.. acting like a mature girl ady... oops i mean mature lady haha... all the best in plkn =)

MidnightGurl said...

no, please! hahaha
i dont wana be a lady....yet! xD

sure thank u hehe


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