Jul 25, 2010

at 2:34 AM

Middle of the Night!

Shout unto God with the voice of Triumph,
Shout unto God with the voice of Praise!
Shout unto God with the voice of Triumph,
We lift Your name up,
We lift Your name up!

Man i just LOVE this songgg!!
dont know why, it just gives my strength =)
third song in my list, just in case ure wondering hehehe

Aku tired.

Oh well, what crap, im suppose to blog now! xD

Highlights: i finally tasted the Lamb Rice at Tarot Cafe!!
wheee~ went with Angel and Julian..eh it's not cheap noee~ thanks gorr! xD
i appreciate de ley~

well, it was quite long ago since we last had times lik this, rite rite?
enjoyed it.. reali =))

guess he was too bored...
and he called himself da pro photographer!
well, u judge! lalala

i dont think i look good thou =(
but still, nice angle!! x)

aite, 1 down, 18 to goo!!! yes i mean Sej chapters...
laugh at me if u want to, hw many days to go and i only finished 1 of them..

Pathetic, isn't it?

Like i care! lol.. studying just for the sake of taking exam... tats basically, fact..
So it looks like i will continue on9ing after all..

I feel like screaming to the whole world now,


Exactly!.. bare in mind, Exam Don't Kill!
so kawanku, rilekkk laaa~ =)

Oh FYI, we didnt win for Choir Competition..
cut the long story short, we were disqualified..
ask me personally if ure interested to find out.. lols!

(nevermind, i wun expect any thou xD)


Aku tired.

for real this time, i ll leave the others for nxt post..
it's 4am NOW!!

Pro!! Goodnight People =D


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