Aug 31, 2010

at 2:16 AM

100th entry : Blank.

Alwys & 4ev3r,


Aug 24, 2010

at 12:53 PM

Trial - Day7

Yay!! can i shout merdeka??

wait, no!

i hv 2 more papers to go, which will be on nxt friday..
well who cares?! =DDD
it has been hectic for the past week, until today..

had Econ1 and Econ2.

goooshhhh i felt as thou i had wings on my back..

fly~fly~~ wheee~~

LOL okay im out of topic.

well wat can i say, i wasn't ready for today's papers.. =x
shyyakss im slacking!!
paper one was quite easy, only a few questions that made me @_@?!!!?

paper2!! i was happy cuz the first few questions were reali easy..
until i came to Q4 and Q5... i was totally blank, like i just saw some alien language ehweouvrtboqnh!!!

section B has only 1 question, and that...was even worse....

after finishing everything, i was reali worried tat i might not get an A this time =(
as i went thru the marks, al the questions tat i left blank had more than 5 marks...

'gone case larh lik that....

i tried so hard to at least write something down.. but my brain was reali...blank... =.=''
until in the end, i saw sumthing....

............jawab tiga soalan sahaja...........

and i went all 'CHEYYYY!!!!!!'

=.=''........very zadao rite?! even our school test, they dont give extra questions!! safe, at least!!
1 question has 25 marks lehh.. u dont know the topic, u lost 25 marks..

i just hope it wont go below 70..
and again, i leave the rest to God..

i recalled sumthing Raymond said yesterday..

'pelajar2 sila semak soalan, ade masalah x?'
'wei, gt masalah mehh?'
'got, the paper has no answers..'

=.='' such a...lamo..LOL
but people like him, makes me laugh alot..
especially when time like this, when i find it so hard, to smile..

ahh, people come and go.. cherish them, Joey.. each one of them =)

random: now i miss badminton!!!! =x

saje... =p

1 day left


Aug 23, 2010

at 4:38 PM

Trial - Day6

2 more to go. =)

today had admaths1 and admaths2.

last night i didnt get to stay up..=(
woke up at 5.30am and i was like OMG IMMA DIE IMMA DIE!!!!
my revision wasnt even half!! ishhh..

amazingly, paper 1 was not as hard as i thought.
but paper 2 was right at the contrary.. tough..
well, God bless me =(

we had time lag in between, 1st paper ended at 10.15am, the next paper was at 1.15pm..
so i went for breakfast with daddy after the first paper..
was quite surprised cuz i ate alot! =x well u wun wana noe wat i ate, so forget it =p

didnt prepare well thou, instead of last min hardcore, i ter-sleep on the couch =x
but nt very long lahh, half an hour only hehe..

nth special for today.. buaix.. =)

Stay Strong, Joey.


2 days left


Aug 20, 2010

at 11:04 PM

Appreciated. =)

Note: short post.

I asked for one.

He gave me one.

He read my blog.

And bought me two.

He cares for me.

He got me Pilot =))

Gor, thankss.



Trial - Day5

fifth day ^^

today had acc1 and acc2.

see, weekend is always the best! =D
papers were not too hard, not as hard as i thought at least..
but obj paper is even harder than sub! imbaaa betul...

i was studyin last nite, dragged for hours, but didnt study as much as planned..
was reali worried for my papers.. =(
until just 10mins before the paper, i managed to scan thru al the notes i have, which is alot!
then i prayed..
God knows my effort, whether or not my results are good, God always gives me what i deserve..
i dont know why but i kept repeating the same thing..

help me Lord, help me Lord, pleaseeee, helppp meeeee~~

and as i opened the paper, those questions, really amazed me!
those are exactly what ive studied last nite! not talking bout those i scanned thru..
well, i heaved a big big sighhh...

i looked up, and i thanked God =)

God is good, isn't it? xD mwahs mwahhs!

paper1 was a lil hard thou..
hehe dun care lah, its over NAOO~ whee~

the only sub that i'll not sleep after doing is account..
becuz the moment teacher said 'mula sekarang' until the the last min of 'sila berhenti menulis', we ll be counting counting and only counting..
not bad huh~ time not wasted, me happy.. =x

i caught a flu.. the worst and the last thing student would ever ask for during exams..

runny nose
, sneezing non stop, used-tissues al over, an old calculator, a cacated mechanical pencil, with a pen running out of ink..

and worst of all, it's account paper!! and the stupid stupid stupid mistake i made, is like, reali reali stupid!..
uhhhh blame myself for that, i can actually scored higher.... =((

anyway, im realli grateful, first week has passed..

and i'm still alive.. x)

some contengansss during papers..

after so long of nt drawing,
this is what ive got..


i know it's bad, okay..

it reads,


(sumthin i read frm the board outside the window nxt to me xD)

and this,
is me...

with a fansign by RIBENAAAA!!!


dont mind ok.. hehe

3 days left



Aug 19, 2010

at 1:40 PM

Trial - Day4

Whee 4th day is done =D

had sc1 and moral.

sc was normal.. just hope that i can score, since my paper 2 was kinda teruk =x
today all the teachers became so strict al of a sudden.. no test pad allowed during obj paper, and we can only bring in 1 obj paper..
well i guess it was becuz of yesterday..
PK1 caught sumbody tiru, and scolded us like anything! at first we ALL tot it was sumbody frm behind class.. (urm, no offense..)
but then when i got the news, i was like WOOT!!the main person is frm our class..
i ll choose not to reveal the person's name.. well, i can't believe it shameful!!..

so today before our first paper, teachers had to make sure all of us bring only one piece of obj paper in.. but....

i brought 2 hehehe.. x)

no dont get me wrong, i dont tiru! i mean, how could i? im joey leh wahaha xDD (gilaaaa....)
i brought in another extra paper, just in case if i hv extra time for sc paper, i thought of pratice writing al the nilaiisss for moral paper later..

well, when i got in the hall, i saw teachers al going round n started tearing all the extra papers they saw.. the students were looking sooo blur at them..

what is this man....ridiculous teachers... me dont get it!

i actually had a chance to slip out of the hall to put back my extra paper but arghh IDC!
what right has they got to tear our paperss, right?!

'if they are to come n tear my paper, i ll ask them right away, teacher why not? not like i've written ans on it...?'i thought.

but then i thought again, better not cause a scene xD so instead, i put both my papers together and make them look like ther's only 1 paper..
when teacher passed by, i pretended to be very focus on the questions and ignore them..
thank God, they walked pass me without realizing it.. xDD
and they were like more than 3 teachers walked pass me just to check on us..

what can i say..

teachers stupid, or i smart?

HAHA. Kidding.

this morning before my school bus came,
mummy said i very pretty today! xDDD

then i turned and look at my bro, who's also waiting for the bus..

'boy, i pretty ar today? =D'
'yah, but stupid..'

i was like, DENG*

then he said
'becuz u cant find the key'..

super lame right..

but nevermind, mothers are always right..

Random: I sneezed alot today.

4days left


Aug 18, 2010

at 5:15 PM

Trial - Day3

Third day over..

maths1, maths2 and sc2.

maths is easy =)
first paper was maths, but when i walked in the hall this morning, i saw everyone reading science instead of maths.. well, tats like, normal..
i slept alot in the hall today, guess i was really tired..

after maths paper2 i had an hour+ extra, hw i wish i could just hand in my paper n read for my sc paper..i put up my hand, the teachers all blind...zz siennnz...
i blame my parents for not putting my name 'JOEY' in my birth i had to sit right at the corner of the hall, where nobody wil notice me....

Sadden. T.T

science paper is 2h30m, i read thru, did all, and slept..
and when i woke up, one hour passed! xD only then i check my answers, go thru a little, n sleep again..lalaas..

funny hw everyone react when they got the paper..
first thing we do, turn to section C..
then immediately, joyce turned and look at me..


then i looked up, said..

'shiaks, i dont know!'


no mood to blog today =(
tats al i have to tell..

al da best for tmr frens. ciaoz*

random: when i got home just now, i saw one nugget on the table.. mummy left one for me lehhh~ =DD

Love u mii!!~hehee

5 days left


Aug 17, 2010

at 5:55 PM

Trial - Day2

Second day of trial =)

bi1, bi2 and sej2.

summary was a little hard, and lucky i read a little for novel last minute hehe..
2h45min for bi2, and i had 1h30m extra lolol~

i slept, i sweat.

when i got up, the paper was......wet... >< EWW HAHAHAXXX..

not the whole paper lah of cuz =x

again, no comment for sej.

2h30min for this se-tu-pid sub, i used less than half an hour to finish it..
nop i didnt leave it blank, instead, i squeezed my lil brain for some ridiculous ans xD

i had soooo much extra time, but had no intention of sleeping..
it was raining soooo heavily..
i looked out, saw how the raindrops fall, and listened to the sound when it hit the roof..

Love it. I just cant tell how much i love the rain =)

next, i lazily took my mechanical pencil, n simply sketched all over my test pad..
as i started drawing al the funny funny stuff, i was trying to recall back the last time i did this..
yeh, sketchin al over, was once the favourite past-time of mine XD no joke!

well, i was having my own sweet time until suddenly, teacher walked passed me, i was shocked, and quickly covered them.. but too late, she saw xD
'jgn buang masa, ada bnyk point yg bolek tulis tauuu' said she..
i giggled, then nodded..then i looked around the hall..
almost half of them were sleeping.. =.=

i studied for sej, but those topics that ive tried so hard to memorize, did not come out!! ishh....
well, now i only pray tat i can pass lol =(((

when the paper finished (finally), the rain was getting heavier..
and i had to walk, i mean run across the road to get my transport!
wet, wet..wet..

when i got up i was complaining.. hair wet larh, uniform wet larh, shoes wet larh..
until the auntie oso behtahan me..xD

but wet wet wet, me likeyyy!whee~ XDD

sumthing wrong with me right?? hahaha!

sejarah is over, my stress is over!! XD


Laugh Out Loud!


6 days left


Aug 16, 2010

at 5:19 PM

Trial - Day1

today was the first day of my tiral exam.

had bm1, bm2 and sej1.

bm was owkayyys, and i was so happy cuz i guessed some of the answers correctly.. xDD

no comment for sej.

i hardcored, and i falied.

sounds funny huh.. nevermind, i gave up.

paper finished at 3.45pm, me tired =(

random: why is everyone pulling my hair lately!! =='

7 days left


Aug 13, 2010

at 1:22 PM

TGIF! =)

just in case u don't know, my title simply means, Thank God It's Friday..
i went school today, which is very, unusual of me.. lols
basically the main reason i go is to celebrate En. Loh's retirement..err, or isit a Low.. don't know =x
teacher asked us to perform a song for him.. us meaning me, joyce n jane..
i didn't want it at first.. but yeh, i just thought that i could at least give him sumthin before he leaves.. good lah me..(kononnye xD)
a very old song, i would say.. but a very meaningful one =)
well, it was a last minute decision and there was a lil technical probs..
we were lik sooo worried!..

cut the grandmother's story short, it didnt go quite well.. but comments frm my teachers were like...u noe, so encouraging.. =)
they appreciated it.. as least they did..
and what encouraged me da most was, Mr.Loh (or Low o.o) actually CRIED..


there are only 2 ways to make teachers cry..
1, gek die them..
2, touch their hearts!

and of course, he was touched..
A song. By us, for him.

but i think hor, it's not our singing that touched him hahaha, it was when we sent our best wishes to him..
anyway WHO CARES LAHHH, i know the students al sure comment much much de...
but i sing for teacher, not for them xD so yehhhh la, gd job girls lalala~

today i went and see Mr. Segaran to claim my rm3 coupon..
wah beh song sial, when i ask the canteen lady 'kak ade ape yg special hari ni x?'
she told me no, then when the bell rang i see a group of my frens al having the mee and drinks..
wat the... they said must order early de wor..

sien-ness much much!!

after recess i went SPBT n study..

Oh wait.

forgot the inverted commas.. Lols

nevermind. i forgot today got Cf Meeting.. and aihs i was very, very, very..very tired..
since today no choir, i was lik super happiiiie!~ finally, im free in a fri afternoon, i thought.
i didnt intend to stay even when ekey reminded me that there is a cf meeting..very bad, hor?..

and as i walked across the flyover bridge, suddenly sumthin hit my head and i can't think of any reasons why i mustn't stay.. come on Joey, it's CF meeting..
i asked myself, hw many times hv i attended cf meeting since january..?'s always clashing with choir, i have no choice..
i guess?
i somehow slowed down my steps towards the other side of the road, and a scripture came across right away.
Proverbs 1:7
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

something is speaking in my head, but yet, my body wants me to continue walking.
i closed my eyes for a moment as i took a few more steps..
Go home, Joey, u have tuition..and u're attending prayer meeting to9 anyway.. just, go..
and so the evil speaks..i knew it very well..yet i chose not, to turn back..
i mean, HOW COULD I?!

forgive me, Lord.



Aug 11, 2010

at 2:14 PM

Climbing all the way.

5 days to trial.

omgosh omgosh... time is flying wehhh..
and i almost forgot bout the NECF 40 Days Fast..
not until i see kk's status.. hehe

this coming saturday is my bible quiz.. and it's clashing with my church stuff..
which also mean, i ll be skipping the assessment and youth service...
sigh, hw i wish i nvr register for the quiz in the first place!.. zz
people, don't miss me, okay? xD

anyway i went school yesterday, after one week of MIA.. hehe
when my frens saw me ther were like 'wow joey came today!'
=.=' sweatnessss.......

I've seen many people personifying stuff as 'he' or a 'she' lately..
haha and funny why some say 'mr. ulcer' instead of 'miss ulcer'..
and stating piano as a 'she' instead of 'he'..

well, that simply means, guys are rough, and girls are soft..... LOL

and a random status i saw...

whats the deal with being vain? guys are vain, the look in every mirror they pass. girls are worse, they check their reflection in any possible reflective substance eg. metal spoons, shop windows, handphone screen...

well, this picture, explains all..


Messy am i,

Aug 7, 2010

at 7:45 AM

Rise & Shine!!

Morning Folks! =D
well i posted in facebook earlier sayin ive inspired by some blog..
but just too bad, the feeling is gone xDD so hahah.. yelah, too bad..~
again i have not sleep for the whole night..u noe the reason!!
anyway im nt trying to brag here or anything..

Like i said. My Blog, My Word.

Yeh, planned to study as much last night, but failed for sum reason.. lala
anyway i forced my eyes open and read thru chapter 7..
and then lied to myself n say,


but the truth is, nth goes in.. LOL

hahahahh no lah jus kidding xDD
i did try to read thoroughly..and the exercise im gonna do later wil tell..

not important thou..who cares, right?

as the sun rises in the east, so the breaking dawn of my life begins..
i got up from the couch, *stretchhhhhh~ went straight to brush mah teeth n wash mah face..
it's morning now, i told myself.. and as i did, i sensed the corner of my mouth lifted..
a smile, is the best way to start a new day..
in my heart i prayed a quiet prayer..

Dear Lord, thank you for this wonderful day.
Help me Lord, to walk with you today, in Jesus name i pray, Amen.

i walked to my window and took a breath of the fresh morning air..
i LOVE the morning atmosphere...and what's more..

It's A Saturday!!

a weekly date with The-Almighty-You-Know-Who.

It's real quiet now, none of my family members are awake..
Oh before i forget, i hv sumthing to BRAG!
LOLs.. daddy lose to me in sudoku. woot dahhh! hahaha and he paid for my lunch!!!

wait no, win or lose, he ll still pay for me one lahhh...unfair hor? should have drag him to some expensive restaurant.. eeeee~

Highlights: A broken relationship, has been mended.
I choose not to say much..ahh well..
We can never know what tomorrow brings or holds, and i shall leave everything else God..
i appreciate your effort, and i only hope for the best..lets learn frm it, and move on k?hehe =)


* Angel's eclipse is with me! (Eclipse = Rich People's Mint. -Josh-) xDD

* Kay didn't tell me she went for dinner last night. =(

* Julian u better pray for forgiveness xD

* Jie, rmb to buy me hillsongs punya shirt!!

*Josh, all the best for your trial.. i ll be here.. =)

* Can't wait for my kitkat (this is to somebody who will be reading this.. *hint hint*)

*Dear sejarah, not. I will never leave you nor forsake you, not. i said it, and i mean it!yehhhh..

*Shiaks! why am i getting so high early in the morning XDD

And again,
good morning earth.
I'm a dead pig now.


Deeper, and Deeper.


Aug 3, 2010

at 10:55 PM


13 days to trial.

Im too busy until i've totally forgotten bout my blog.

i just got to know that i can actually access to facebook with my own mobile phone LOL
before this i really hv no idea how, and i didnt intend to find out..
thankew Frankiee, it feels nice thou, on9 anytime everywher i horr? xD
outdated, i noe.. but what amazed me most was, im nt the only one LOL..
just the other day went yamcha with bunch of my church mates, and they, were just like me. x)
simply spamming wall and commenting on each other's status..
doesnt it sound silly? but who cares, we had fun xD

Yesterday choir performed in school..guess it was also the last performance frm me..
as far as i could rmb, it was only the 2nd time we performed in school since last year..
i got alot positive feedback leyy hehe.. some of the teachers were surprised lol..
wulala, thank God for the gift sia.. =p

yesterday i was talking to Ekey so she told me bout her 2nd sister..
i was listening and then replied, 'oh, tats lik, normal lahh, i was also like that haha'
and she went, 'AHHH!! No wonder u dont sound surprise lahhh'
she said all second child in the family is weird..
No man, Special is da word!

gahh forget it.

well for now,
Pn Lim is not coming back.
My pens are running out of inks.
Sejarah is freakin me out.
Mood swing is getting unstable.
Pendrive is out of space.
Facebook is getting booooored. (ya right!)
Hair is dropping like mad.
Classmates are studying like crazy!
SPM is coming,
and till then,
Im Dying


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