Aug 11, 2010

at 2:14 PM

Climbing all the way.

5 days to trial.

omgosh omgosh... time is flying wehhh..
and i almost forgot bout the NECF 40 Days Fast..
not until i see kk's status.. hehe

this coming saturday is my bible quiz.. and it's clashing with my church stuff..
which also mean, i ll be skipping the assessment and youth service...
sigh, hw i wish i nvr register for the quiz in the first place!.. zz
people, don't miss me, okay? xD

anyway i went school yesterday, after one week of MIA.. hehe
when my frens saw me ther were like 'wow joey came today!'
=.=' sweatnessss.......

I've seen many people personifying stuff as 'he' or a 'she' lately..
haha and funny why some say 'mr. ulcer' instead of 'miss ulcer'..
and stating piano as a 'she' instead of 'he'..

well, that simply means, guys are rough, and girls are soft..... LOL

and a random status i saw...

whats the deal with being vain? guys are vain, the look in every mirror they pass. girls are worse, they check their reflection in any possible reflective substance eg. metal spoons, shop windows, handphone screen...

well, this picture, explains all..


Messy am i,


Tommy said...

complicated @@ haha

MidnightGurl said...

u don't have to understand, only girls do! xDD


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