Aug 3, 2010

at 10:55 PM


13 days to trial.

Im too busy until i've totally forgotten bout my blog.

i just got to know that i can actually access to facebook with my own mobile phone LOL
before this i really hv no idea how, and i didnt intend to find out..
thankew Frankiee, it feels nice thou, on9 anytime everywher i horr? xD
outdated, i noe.. but what amazed me most was, im nt the only one LOL..
just the other day went yamcha with bunch of my church mates, and they, were just like me. x)
simply spamming wall and commenting on each other's status..
doesnt it sound silly? but who cares, we had fun xD

Yesterday choir performed in school..guess it was also the last performance frm me..
as far as i could rmb, it was only the 2nd time we performed in school since last year..
i got alot positive feedback leyy hehe.. some of the teachers were surprised lol..
wulala, thank God for the gift sia.. =p

yesterday i was talking to Ekey so she told me bout her 2nd sister..
i was listening and then replied, 'oh, tats lik, normal lahh, i was also like that haha'
and she went, 'AHHH!! No wonder u dont sound surprise lahhh'
she said all second child in the family is weird..
No man, Special is da word!

gahh forget it.

well for now,
Pn Lim is not coming back.
My pens are running out of inks.
Sejarah is freakin me out.
Mood swing is getting unstable.
Pendrive is out of space.
Facebook is getting booooored. (ya right!)
Hair is dropping like mad.
Classmates are studying like crazy!
SPM is coming,
and till then,
Im Dying



HKK Jirokay said...

No wonder no people comment larrr~ All busy study mahh~ Only you busy bloging jek :p

MidnightGurl said...

lol! wher gt lahh, once in a while only k!

u call this comment? might as well dun comment! xD

Tommy said...

good luck for the coming trial lo...really in hot soup now..haha all the best

MidnightGurl said...

tommmmmmy.. u too k!!
heh =D


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