Aug 7, 2010

at 7:45 AM

Rise & Shine!!

Morning Folks! =D
well i posted in facebook earlier sayin ive inspired by some blog..
but just too bad, the feeling is gone xDD so hahah.. yelah, too bad..~
again i have not sleep for the whole night..u noe the reason!!
anyway im nt trying to brag here or anything..

Like i said. My Blog, My Word.

Yeh, planned to study as much last night, but failed for sum reason.. lala
anyway i forced my eyes open and read thru chapter 7..
and then lied to myself n say,


but the truth is, nth goes in.. LOL

hahahahh no lah jus kidding xDD
i did try to read thoroughly..and the exercise im gonna do later wil tell..

not important thou..who cares, right?

as the sun rises in the east, so the breaking dawn of my life begins..
i got up from the couch, *stretchhhhhh~ went straight to brush mah teeth n wash mah face..
it's morning now, i told myself.. and as i did, i sensed the corner of my mouth lifted..
a smile, is the best way to start a new day..
in my heart i prayed a quiet prayer..

Dear Lord, thank you for this wonderful day.
Help me Lord, to walk with you today, in Jesus name i pray, Amen.

i walked to my window and took a breath of the fresh morning air..
i LOVE the morning atmosphere...and what's more..

It's A Saturday!!

a weekly date with The-Almighty-You-Know-Who.

It's real quiet now, none of my family members are awake..
Oh before i forget, i hv sumthing to BRAG!
LOLs.. daddy lose to me in sudoku. woot dahhh! hahaha and he paid for my lunch!!!

wait no, win or lose, he ll still pay for me one lahhh...unfair hor? should have drag him to some expensive restaurant.. eeeee~

Highlights: A broken relationship, has been mended.
I choose not to say much..ahh well..
We can never know what tomorrow brings or holds, and i shall leave everything else God..
i appreciate your effort, and i only hope for the best..lets learn frm it, and move on k?hehe =)


* Angel's eclipse is with me! (Eclipse = Rich People's Mint. -Josh-) xDD

* Kay didn't tell me she went for dinner last night. =(

* Julian u better pray for forgiveness xD

* Jie, rmb to buy me hillsongs punya shirt!!

*Josh, all the best for your trial.. i ll be here.. =)

* Can't wait for my kitkat (this is to somebody who will be reading this.. *hint hint*)

*Dear sejarah, not. I will never leave you nor forsake you, not. i said it, and i mean it!yehhhh..

*Shiaks! why am i getting so high early in the morning XDD

And again,
good morning earth.
I'm a dead pig now.


Deeper, and Deeper.




wow... u stayed up whole night?? salute to u... if i were u i cant even stayed up studying later thn 3...

MidnightGurl said...

hahaha rilekk laa, i had coffee =p

im practically, half-dead..
but yeah, the caffeine is still in mey... haha

Kaykay said...

Harllllluuuuuu~ xD
Sorry that i forget jorr arhhkk :p
HP no creadit niaaaa~

MidnightGurl said...

boh heart lah u....

Josh said...

i said rich man's sweet/candy. not mint lol.


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