Aug 13, 2010

at 1:22 PM

TGIF! =)

just in case u don't know, my title simply means, Thank God It's Friday..
i went school today, which is very, unusual of me.. lols
basically the main reason i go is to celebrate En. Loh's retirement..err, or isit a Low.. don't know =x
teacher asked us to perform a song for him.. us meaning me, joyce n jane..
i didn't want it at first.. but yeh, i just thought that i could at least give him sumthin before he leaves.. good lah me..(kononnye xD)
a very old song, i would say.. but a very meaningful one =)
well, it was a last minute decision and there was a lil technical probs..
we were lik sooo worried!..

cut the grandmother's story short, it didnt go quite well.. but comments frm my teachers were like...u noe, so encouraging.. =)
they appreciated it.. as least they did..
and what encouraged me da most was, Mr.Loh (or Low o.o) actually CRIED..


there are only 2 ways to make teachers cry..
1, gek die them..
2, touch their hearts!

and of course, he was touched..
A song. By us, for him.

but i think hor, it's not our singing that touched him hahaha, it was when we sent our best wishes to him..
anyway WHO CARES LAHHH, i know the students al sure comment much much de...
but i sing for teacher, not for them xD so yehhhh la, gd job girls lalala~

today i went and see Mr. Segaran to claim my rm3 coupon..
wah beh song sial, when i ask the canteen lady 'kak ade ape yg special hari ni x?'
she told me no, then when the bell rang i see a group of my frens al having the mee and drinks..
wat the... they said must order early de wor..

sien-ness much much!!

after recess i went SPBT n study..

Oh wait.

forgot the inverted commas.. Lols

nevermind. i forgot today got Cf Meeting.. and aihs i was very, very, very..very tired..
since today no choir, i was lik super happiiiie!~ finally, im free in a fri afternoon, i thought.
i didnt intend to stay even when ekey reminded me that there is a cf meeting..very bad, hor?..

and as i walked across the flyover bridge, suddenly sumthin hit my head and i can't think of any reasons why i mustn't stay.. come on Joey, it's CF meeting..
i asked myself, hw many times hv i attended cf meeting since january..?'s always clashing with choir, i have no choice..
i guess?
i somehow slowed down my steps towards the other side of the road, and a scripture came across right away.
Proverbs 1:7
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

something is speaking in my head, but yet, my body wants me to continue walking.
i closed my eyes for a moment as i took a few more steps..
Go home, Joey, u have tuition..and u're attending prayer meeting to9 anyway.. just, go..
and so the evil speaks..i knew it very well..yet i chose not, to turn back..
i mean, HOW COULD I?!

forgive me, Lord.




Chea Ru Yen said...

Wow I love that pic ;) I skipped too =/

MidnightGurl said...

yahh very nice rite =DD
i know u skipped lah, lol.....

i should hv stayed =( i might not even have the chance to go again... =((


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