Aug 17, 2010

at 5:55 PM

Trial - Day2

Second day of trial =)

bi1, bi2 and sej2.

summary was a little hard, and lucky i read a little for novel last minute hehe..
2h45min for bi2, and i had 1h30m extra lolol~

i slept, i sweat.

when i got up, the paper was......wet... >< EWW HAHAHAXXX..

not the whole paper lah of cuz =x

again, no comment for sej.

2h30min for this se-tu-pid sub, i used less than half an hour to finish it..
nop i didnt leave it blank, instead, i squeezed my lil brain for some ridiculous ans xD

i had soooo much extra time, but had no intention of sleeping..
it was raining soooo heavily..
i looked out, saw how the raindrops fall, and listened to the sound when it hit the roof..

Love it. I just cant tell how much i love the rain =)

next, i lazily took my mechanical pencil, n simply sketched all over my test pad..
as i started drawing al the funny funny stuff, i was trying to recall back the last time i did this..
yeh, sketchin al over, was once the favourite past-time of mine XD no joke!

well, i was having my own sweet time until suddenly, teacher walked passed me, i was shocked, and quickly covered them.. but too late, she saw xD
'jgn buang masa, ada bnyk point yg bolek tulis tauuu' said she..
i giggled, then nodded..then i looked around the hall..
almost half of them were sleeping.. =.=

i studied for sej, but those topics that ive tried so hard to memorize, did not come out!! ishh....
well, now i only pray tat i can pass lol =(((

when the paper finished (finally), the rain was getting heavier..
and i had to walk, i mean run across the road to get my transport!
wet, wet..wet..

when i got up i was complaining.. hair wet larh, uniform wet larh, shoes wet larh..
until the auntie oso behtahan me..xD

but wet wet wet, me likeyyy!whee~ XDD

sumthing wrong with me right?? hahaha!

sejarah is over, my stress is over!! XD


Laugh Out Loud!


6 days left



Chea Ru Yen said...

haha 6 days!! Gambateh!! =)

Ken Fei said...

trial only wor =.=

MidnightGurl said...

ru yen, yeh yeh 6 days left =DD

ken fei, dont say like that lehh, make me stress again ishh ='((


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