Aug 18, 2010

at 5:15 PM

Trial - Day3

Third day over..

maths1, maths2 and sc2.

maths is easy =)
first paper was maths, but when i walked in the hall this morning, i saw everyone reading science instead of maths.. well, tats like, normal..
i slept alot in the hall today, guess i was really tired..

after maths paper2 i had an hour+ extra, hw i wish i could just hand in my paper n read for my sc paper..i put up my hand, the teachers all blind...zz siennnz...
i blame my parents for not putting my name 'JOEY' in my birth i had to sit right at the corner of the hall, where nobody wil notice me....

Sadden. T.T

science paper is 2h30m, i read thru, did all, and slept..
and when i woke up, one hour passed! xD only then i check my answers, go thru a little, n sleep again..lalaas..

funny hw everyone react when they got the paper..
first thing we do, turn to section C..
then immediately, joyce turned and look at me..


then i looked up, said..

'shiaks, i dont know!'


no mood to blog today =(
tats al i have to tell..

al da best for tmr frens. ciaoz*

random: when i got home just now, i saw one nugget on the table.. mummy left one for me lehhh~ =DD

Love u mii!!~hehee

5 days left


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