Aug 19, 2010

at 1:40 PM

Trial - Day4

Whee 4th day is done =D

had sc1 and moral.

sc was normal.. just hope that i can score, since my paper 2 was kinda teruk =x
today all the teachers became so strict al of a sudden.. no test pad allowed during obj paper, and we can only bring in 1 obj paper..
well i guess it was becuz of yesterday..
PK1 caught sumbody tiru, and scolded us like anything! at first we ALL tot it was sumbody frm behind class.. (urm, no offense..)
but then when i got the news, i was like WOOT!!the main person is frm our class..
i ll choose not to reveal the person's name.. well, i can't believe it shameful!!..

so today before our first paper, teachers had to make sure all of us bring only one piece of obj paper in.. but....

i brought 2 hehehe.. x)

no dont get me wrong, i dont tiru! i mean, how could i? im joey leh wahaha xDD (gilaaaa....)
i brought in another extra paper, just in case if i hv extra time for sc paper, i thought of pratice writing al the nilaiisss for moral paper later..

well, when i got in the hall, i saw teachers al going round n started tearing all the extra papers they saw.. the students were looking sooo blur at them..

what is this man....ridiculous teachers... me dont get it!

i actually had a chance to slip out of the hall to put back my extra paper but arghh IDC!
what right has they got to tear our paperss, right?!

'if they are to come n tear my paper, i ll ask them right away, teacher why not? not like i've written ans on it...?'i thought.

but then i thought again, better not cause a scene xD so instead, i put both my papers together and make them look like ther's only 1 paper..
when teacher passed by, i pretended to be very focus on the questions and ignore them..
thank God, they walked pass me without realizing it.. xDD
and they were like more than 3 teachers walked pass me just to check on us..

what can i say..

teachers stupid, or i smart?

HAHA. Kidding.

this morning before my school bus came,
mummy said i very pretty today! xDDD

then i turned and look at my bro, who's also waiting for the bus..

'boy, i pretty ar today? =D'
'yah, but stupid..'

i was like, DENG*

then he said
'becuz u cant find the key'..

super lame right..

but nevermind, mothers are always right..

Random: I sneezed alot today.

4days left


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