Aug 20, 2010

at 2:17 PM

Trial - Day5

fifth day ^^

today had acc1 and acc2.

see, weekend is always the best! =D
papers were not too hard, not as hard as i thought at least..
but obj paper is even harder than sub! imbaaa betul...

i was studyin last nite, dragged for hours, but didnt study as much as planned..
was reali worried for my papers.. =(
until just 10mins before the paper, i managed to scan thru al the notes i have, which is alot!
then i prayed..
God knows my effort, whether or not my results are good, God always gives me what i deserve..
i dont know why but i kept repeating the same thing..

help me Lord, help me Lord, pleaseeee, helppp meeeee~~

and as i opened the paper, those questions, really amazed me!
those are exactly what ive studied last nite! not talking bout those i scanned thru..
well, i heaved a big big sighhh...

i looked up, and i thanked God =)

God is good, isn't it? xD mwahs mwahhs!

paper1 was a lil hard thou..
hehe dun care lah, its over NAOO~ whee~

the only sub that i'll not sleep after doing is account..
becuz the moment teacher said 'mula sekarang' until the the last min of 'sila berhenti menulis', we ll be counting counting and only counting..
not bad huh~ time not wasted, me happy.. =x

i caught a flu.. the worst and the last thing student would ever ask for during exams..

runny nose
, sneezing non stop, used-tissues al over, an old calculator, a cacated mechanical pencil, with a pen running out of ink..

and worst of all, it's account paper!! and the stupid stupid stupid mistake i made, is like, reali reali stupid!..
uhhhh blame myself for that, i can actually scored higher.... =((

anyway, im realli grateful, first week has passed..

and i'm still alive.. x)

some contengansss during papers..

after so long of nt drawing,
this is what ive got..


i know it's bad, okay..

it reads,


(sumthin i read frm the board outside the window nxt to me xD)

and this,
is me...

with a fansign by RIBENAAAA!!!


dont mind ok.. hehe

3 days left



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