Aug 23, 2010

at 4:38 PM

Trial - Day6

2 more to go. =)

today had admaths1 and admaths2.

last night i didnt get to stay up..=(
woke up at 5.30am and i was like OMG IMMA DIE IMMA DIE!!!!
my revision wasnt even half!! ishhh..

amazingly, paper 1 was not as hard as i thought.
but paper 2 was right at the contrary.. tough..
well, God bless me =(

we had time lag in between, 1st paper ended at 10.15am, the next paper was at 1.15pm..
so i went for breakfast with daddy after the first paper..
was quite surprised cuz i ate alot! =x well u wun wana noe wat i ate, so forget it =p

didnt prepare well thou, instead of last min hardcore, i ter-sleep on the couch =x
but nt very long lahh, half an hour only hehe..

nth special for today.. buaix.. =)

Stay Strong, Joey.


2 days left


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