Aug 24, 2010

at 12:53 PM

Trial - Day7

Yay!! can i shout merdeka??

wait, no!

i hv 2 more papers to go, which will be on nxt friday..
well who cares?! =DDD
it has been hectic for the past week, until today..

had Econ1 and Econ2.

goooshhhh i felt as thou i had wings on my back..

fly~fly~~ wheee~~

LOL okay im out of topic.

well wat can i say, i wasn't ready for today's papers.. =x
shyyakss im slacking!!
paper one was quite easy, only a few questions that made me @_@?!!!?

paper2!! i was happy cuz the first few questions were reali easy..
until i came to Q4 and Q5... i was totally blank, like i just saw some alien language ehweouvrtboqnh!!!

section B has only 1 question, and that...was even worse....

after finishing everything, i was reali worried tat i might not get an A this time =(
as i went thru the marks, al the questions tat i left blank had more than 5 marks...

'gone case larh lik that....

i tried so hard to at least write something down.. but my brain was reali...blank... =.=''
until in the end, i saw sumthing....

............jawab tiga soalan sahaja...........

and i went all 'CHEYYYY!!!!!!'

=.=''........very zadao rite?! even our school test, they dont give extra questions!! safe, at least!!
1 question has 25 marks lehh.. u dont know the topic, u lost 25 marks..

i just hope it wont go below 70..
and again, i leave the rest to God..

i recalled sumthing Raymond said yesterday..

'pelajar2 sila semak soalan, ade masalah x?'
'wei, gt masalah mehh?'
'got, the paper has no answers..'

=.='' such a...lamo..LOL
but people like him, makes me laugh alot..
especially when time like this, when i find it so hard, to smile..

ahh, people come and go.. cherish them, Joey.. each one of them =)

random: now i miss badminton!!!! =x

saje... =p

1 day left


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