Sep 29, 2010

at 3:07 PM

Avalanche of Amusement.

I'm suppose to be in the library now.
Well cut the long story short, some problems with transport arrangement so yep, here i am blogging instead of studyin xp

since i was free the whole morning, i wanted to look for blog layout, as ive already said earlier. But then in the end i ter-bumped into some website for browser theme.

and YES im hving a really cool new theme for my mozilllaa.. =D
really, the best i've seen so far! xD
and nop it doesn't lag. heh!

here u go..

every small icons are moving. really moving!..

whenever i open a new tab, this is what you ll see. =) it's, black!

the navigation toolbar. is so, very, cool.

im loving this. Seriously ;DD

then later i downloaded a newer version for neoimaging.. they hv so many more new stuff in it lehh.
i was exploring n trying until ive forgotten the time.
time flies wehh, 30mins more my neighbour will be here ad. *cry!

in the mean time, im actually eating CHEEzzzE RING.
some snacks won by my brother last saturday for some stupid competitions hahax.
and im telling u, CHEESE RING taste very much nicer than SUPER RING..
no joke, just too bad it's only in small packet.

shh don't tell my brother, he doesn't know xDD

last nite i called my dad at 12 sharp. he was at some mamak in kl hving supper alone.
hoh, credit left 30cents. so i talked to him for several mins and it cut off itself.
i guess i laughed too loud on the phone. cuz i heard mum waking up nxt door. =x

Doesn't matter.

U've been someone great in my life. Being so protective, loving. so Crazy yet so Caring.
no matter what happened in the past, or will be in the future, we still u lots.

Daddy, happy birthday. =)

Something, i adore much.


Sep 27, 2010

at 5:21 PM


Aite, so here i am, with my trial results!


BM - 72
BC - 68
BI - 91
MM - 97
MT - 65
PM - 83
SC - 78
EA - 75
PA - 65
SEJ - 43

yet again, sejarah is the worst


I may not be smart, i may not be a scorer. but yeah i believe..

God is always fair

some may be bad at sports, but good at academics.
some may be bad at academic, but good at music.
some may be bad at music, but good at sports!

well if ure none, ure surely a good friend..
good enough, to drop by n visit mah bloggie heh! xp

but all in all, it's true that God is fair!
again i am not much a study type of person, but i learn things pretty fast ;D

yeh yeh PTL~

who says gamers are useless? they re the future game creator!
who says lazy people (me for one) don't hv bright futures?

they're very great dreamers!!

kk. Enough crap.

Well, just be contented with what u have. Nobody's perfect, but we can always do better.

Yeah, much much better ;)



Sep 24, 2010

at 6:58 PM

so in the end..

..i went for both the farewells ;)

first i went for choir, since i didn't book a place for CF Lunch, so i thought i ll just go home..
but then when Colleen saw me she asked me in =D
didn't know they ll let me in hehehs..
what to do, seniors ma... lala =p

before u scroll down for some shots, please forgive me for the bad quality of pix!

got sumthin cute as souvenirs..

tadaaa.. =))

look it's my colour! ;D

then later i took another 2 extra hehh~

as for the souvenirs for us seniors, this is what i've got..

photo frame with some sweet notes on it..aww..

then this, farewell gift frm Choir..

some hand made photo frame by some form2's.. swweeeet horrr..
appreciate them lots =))

few days ago my aunt came bck frm Aus, and got me...


it's me, Joey! ;DD hahax..


i always love ice cream..
more so when it has choc chips on it.
they add colour, they add taste.. ;)

ice cream is my life,
and you
are my chips..
so sweet, so colourful,
and so

if u ever drop by..
yeah..i miss you..

p/s: i share my ice cream, but never the chips!



Sep 21, 2010

at 12:59 PM

A crotchet.

first up, i skipped school today x)
wasn't feeling well, but mostly cuz i was lazy hehhh..
normally my transport will be here around 5 mins before that, i changed my mind!
i ran to my mum's room n said 'mi i'm GOING school!!'..
she gave me a look n said 'go sleep, nobody's gonna wait for u..'
so i went '=.=fine...' and slept all the way until 11+.. n frens planned to skip tmr and thurs' classes also..

i got back most of my papers ard.. and wasn't really happy wif'em..aihh..
2 more months to go and im gonna make sure i study! =x

look at that lil minnie on ma hand!

hehe, my drum teacher went disneyland and bought them for us =))
and oh just fyi, it's a candy =DD nt gonna eat yet looks nice hahax x)

well, as im writing this post, one of my classmate is updating me bout school today..
none of the teachers came in except for acc.. huahaha i wana laugh-out-loud xDD
lucky my mom asked me to sleep wheeee~

CF Lunch aka Farewell is on friday, and it's clashing with my Choir Farewell...
and whats more intriguing is that both the events hv the same venue..ha-ha..
i cant find a way to laugh now.. ishh =(
all these while the meetings had been clashing and i chose to commit to choir..
and now the farewell T.T

mummy bought me new shirt yst..and me loving it =DD
i finished the novel that i planned to finish earlier..finally hahahax..
and now im reading the 2nd book 'Return'! it's a series..and i can't stop reading it reallyyy.... =))
but heyy, exam is here.. gotta control mahself..
yesterday teacher told us we ll hv 2 more tests before SPM..

That's it.

they're like, using them to convince us to not skip hor..
i lost my koko paper, and we're suppose to pass it up last week.. hahax..
they said special case for F5 cuz we were hving exam that time.. yay xD

Okay. enuff of updates.

Stay tuned for more :DD


Sep 14, 2010

at 6:15 PM

Im not much a talker. Not. =))

I'm getting more n more anxious for my trial results. And i can't wait!

I'm still holiday-ing actually, and i'm going back this friday, well.. school. =)

I had to say my holiday so far was a very good n enjoyable one..
StepUp 3 is really a nice show, inspiring! then few days later i got to watch StepUp2 at one of my fren's house...wooooh, the last dance for StepUp 2 is far more cool-er! :D and imma dl StepUp1 yay!

i got to learn another way of cooking 'min fen gou' frm May Yee.. very troublesome indeed, but we had fun cooking, hadnt we? x) it turned out good..lalalas.. then later Angel came over to my place.. We did some stupid recordings, and u won't wana listen to them.. LOL

celebrated Joyce's birthday last saturday.. and here are some shots.. *girnnn

all with specs if u notice xD
too bad i wasnt wearing mine =(

KK and her mee-tarik. Whees.

how can i not realize sombody is taking picture..
especially when it was that near!

d birthday girl, Joyce
d organizer, Carol aka Carrot =D

She. =)

that saturday has no youth, and we spent our afternoon at angel's place. Went Windmill with relatives that night. awesome steak wulala~ i was really full. First i ate fried rice, then the chicken chop chop chop~ 2 bowls of mushroom soup, a cup of lime juice, fries, fries.. and more fries :DD last but not least, salad..

'omg, i nvr tried papaya as hard as this!'
'neh this one lah!'


and fyi, it was my lil bro who told me that. embarassing. LOL xD


i love the atmosphere at city park especially at night..
the lightings along the walkway, the lake, and how gorgeous the still water look, lying calm and deep in that brilliant moonlight.. =) it's certainly a great place for a stroll..

i guess im getting myself another pendrive.. 8gb is not enough for my songs! =(
but ahhh, gotta save. save. SAVE.
Thank God for giving me another student hehes.. not much pay but yehhh at least. =)
sister is doing fine in Kedah, i cant wait to see her! *hugs xD
SPM is around the corner and wooooot look wat im doing still..

online, drama, novels, food, and blah blahhs.

I hv to control myself, seriously.. i guess im putting on weight. good news thou! LOL
Thanks gor for the moviee xD and da kitkat yummies~

Random: i eat chocolate-flavoured Oat Krunch almost every night =D

and im finishing them soon. Sad. D:

Random2: i miss my zombies! xDD

and imma play PvsZ now! :D


Sep 10, 2010

at 6:01 PM

Awesome! ♥

My holidays are awesome.
My frens are awesome.
My parents are awesome.
My sista is awesome.
My lil bro is awesome.
My gor is awesome.
The fresh air is awesome.
My cooking is awesome.
My blog skin is awesome.
My RC is awesome.
My collections are awesome.
My baybie is awesome.
My self is awesome.

Y.O.U are awesome.

My God is AWESOME!


Sep 9, 2010

at 2:51 PM

imma change my... skin sooon =DD

well, i ll look for new one if i hv the time..

stay tuned

hehehe =D

Sep 5, 2010

at 4:23 PM

Trial - Last Day! random stuffs x)

hehehe last day of trial was actually 2 days back.. (3rd sept)

was too excited until forgot to update xP
last 2 papers were bc1 and bc 2..

thanks gor for keeping me awake the previous night.. =))
paper1 (essay) was okay, at least i tried hard to write a good one..lalalaaas =x
paper2 was shyytiee, as usual.... xDD

nevamind. i mean, i don't minddd. or in a nt-so-good way, i don't give a.... NEVAMIND *grinnn*

after the last paper i almost went deaf! they screammed as thou they're gonna make da building collapse..


some past events i could remember:

28th aug (Sundaee~)

badminton =D
skipped practice.
celebrated Raymond's birthday at Tarot.
Josh came! =)

merdeka eve

went church for practice.
met Edmond!! =)
Dinner at Tarot. (again)
had Cheeesy Rice (dont know wat u call that)
Seriously. x)
More chocolates. wheees~
no fireworks.....
what an eve. =.=


went church n helped with a workshop.
narrthin special. =x
what a merdeka! lols

2nd Sept. (Thurday~~)

pasar malam
thx Frankie
thx gorr =)

3rd Sept. (Fridaeee~)

Phua Chu Kang.
but, LAUGH-ed OUT LOUD. xP
thx gor =DD
lou shu fen. lovely soup
tats all xD

4th Sept (SATURDAE!~)

church whee~

Random: guess what, im taking drum lessons sooooon!! yeh yeh real soon! ^^excited hahaha!


i want piranha
i want step up 3
i want singK
i want.
i want.


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