Sep 29, 2010

at 3:07 PM

Avalanche of Amusement.

I'm suppose to be in the library now.
Well cut the long story short, some problems with transport arrangement so yep, here i am blogging instead of studyin xp

since i was free the whole morning, i wanted to look for blog layout, as ive already said earlier. But then in the end i ter-bumped into some website for browser theme.

and YES im hving a really cool new theme for my mozilllaa.. =D
really, the best i've seen so far! xD
and nop it doesn't lag. heh!

here u go..

every small icons are moving. really moving!..

whenever i open a new tab, this is what you ll see. =) it's, black!

the navigation toolbar. is so, very, cool.

im loving this. Seriously ;DD

then later i downloaded a newer version for neoimaging.. they hv so many more new stuff in it lehh.
i was exploring n trying until ive forgotten the time.
time flies wehh, 30mins more my neighbour will be here ad. *cry!

in the mean time, im actually eating CHEEzzzE RING.
some snacks won by my brother last saturday for some stupid competitions hahax.
and im telling u, CHEESE RING taste very much nicer than SUPER RING..
no joke, just too bad it's only in small packet.

shh don't tell my brother, he doesn't know xDD

last nite i called my dad at 12 sharp. he was at some mamak in kl hving supper alone.
hoh, credit left 30cents. so i talked to him for several mins and it cut off itself.
i guess i laughed too loud on the phone. cuz i heard mum waking up nxt door. =x

Doesn't matter.

U've been someone great in my life. Being so protective, loving. so Crazy yet so Caring.
no matter what happened in the past, or will be in the future, we still u lots.

Daddy, happy birthday. =)

Something, i adore much.


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