Sep 27, 2010

at 5:21 PM


Aite, so here i am, with my trial results!


BM - 72
BC - 68
BI - 91
MM - 97
MT - 65
PM - 83
SC - 78
EA - 75
PA - 65
SEJ - 43

yet again, sejarah is the worst


I may not be smart, i may not be a scorer. but yeah i believe..

God is always fair

some may be bad at sports, but good at academics.
some may be bad at academic, but good at music.
some may be bad at music, but good at sports!

well if ure none, ure surely a good friend..
good enough, to drop by n visit mah bloggie heh! xp

but all in all, it's true that God is fair!
again i am not much a study type of person, but i learn things pretty fast ;D

yeh yeh PTL~

who says gamers are useless? they re the future game creator!
who says lazy people (me for one) don't hv bright futures?

they're very great dreamers!!

kk. Enough crap.

Well, just be contented with what u have. Nobody's perfect, but we can always do better.

Yeah, much much better ;)




xuan.. said...

lol =)
congratz lehhh><~~~
good result =)
cemburu nia~~~~

Arnan Koh said...

Wei. Where got terrible.

Very good leh..

Now just need to push those 60 something papers.

Than you can get As for your exam.

Please try to stun the school by getting straight A s.

MidnightGurl said...

xuan xuan, if free we study acc together! i need practice also! xDD
u can get good results de, trust in the Lord leh =)))

arniee, relee?..thx lehh..yeh im trying..but not sejarah n bc, seriously..LOL

xuan.. said...

allooo dear.....
cannot larrrr....
too teruk ad my result~~~

k lar....
find 1 day....
we go KACAO angel...

MidnightGurl said...

hahax! right, let's go! xD

Tommy said...

nice result u have la joey, haha the coming exam aim for a higher result-straigh a's XD all the best(you r good at music and academic leh,well sports...dunoe yet haha)

MidnightGurl said...

haha tommy! nice aiming, but nehh, lets nt hope for so high first.. later fall ad very pain 1 noe.. lololss
i'd say my academics n music r average heh.. ure also gd at both wat! ;D


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