Sep 21, 2010

at 12:59 PM

A crotchet.

first up, i skipped school today x)
wasn't feeling well, but mostly cuz i was lazy hehhh..
normally my transport will be here around 5 mins before that, i changed my mind!
i ran to my mum's room n said 'mi i'm GOING school!!'..
she gave me a look n said 'go sleep, nobody's gonna wait for u..'
so i went '=.=fine...' and slept all the way until 11+.. n frens planned to skip tmr and thurs' classes also..

i got back most of my papers ard.. and wasn't really happy wif'em..aihh..
2 more months to go and im gonna make sure i study! =x

look at that lil minnie on ma hand!

hehe, my drum teacher went disneyland and bought them for us =))
and oh just fyi, it's a candy =DD nt gonna eat yet looks nice hahax x)

well, as im writing this post, one of my classmate is updating me bout school today..
none of the teachers came in except for acc.. huahaha i wana laugh-out-loud xDD
lucky my mom asked me to sleep wheeee~

CF Lunch aka Farewell is on friday, and it's clashing with my Choir Farewell...
and whats more intriguing is that both the events hv the same venue..ha-ha..
i cant find a way to laugh now.. ishh =(
all these while the meetings had been clashing and i chose to commit to choir..
and now the farewell T.T

mummy bought me new shirt yst..and me loving it =DD
i finished the novel that i planned to finish earlier..finally hahahax..
and now im reading the 2nd book 'Return'! it's a series..and i can't stop reading it reallyyy.... =))
but heyy, exam is here.. gotta control mahself..
yesterday teacher told us we ll hv 2 more tests before SPM..

That's it.

they're like, using them to convince us to not skip hor..
i lost my koko paper, and we're suppose to pass it up last week.. hahax..
they said special case for F5 cuz we were hving exam that time.. yay xD

Okay. enuff of updates.

Stay tuned for more :DD



Chea Ru Yen said...

Aww you not going cf lunch?! There's kinda a surprise in stored for you seniors leh~~

MidnightGurl said...

releeee? in dilemma now =((

Anonymous said...

T^T i want that sweet as well =(((
Help me to ask from the teacher~
Think he forget who is kar kay ad larr~ lol

MidnightGurl said...

put ur name lahh donggg...hahahaa i share share with u want? =D

Anonymous said...

WAnttttttttttt >.< Thankiuuuuuu my dearest joooojooo~ Wanna be cool mahh~So, i anonymous larr~lol

MidnightGurl said...

anonymous are cowards..u didn't know tht? xDD
oriteyy, see which friday u come for pm, i ll reward u =p


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