Sep 14, 2010

at 6:15 PM

Im not much a talker. Not. =))

I'm getting more n more anxious for my trial results. And i can't wait!

I'm still holiday-ing actually, and i'm going back this friday, well.. school. =)

I had to say my holiday so far was a very good n enjoyable one..
StepUp 3 is really a nice show, inspiring! then few days later i got to watch StepUp2 at one of my fren's house...wooooh, the last dance for StepUp 2 is far more cool-er! :D and imma dl StepUp1 yay!

i got to learn another way of cooking 'min fen gou' frm May Yee.. very troublesome indeed, but we had fun cooking, hadnt we? x) it turned out good..lalalas.. then later Angel came over to my place.. We did some stupid recordings, and u won't wana listen to them.. LOL

celebrated Joyce's birthday last saturday.. and here are some shots.. *girnnn

all with specs if u notice xD
too bad i wasnt wearing mine =(

KK and her mee-tarik. Whees.

how can i not realize sombody is taking picture..
especially when it was that near!

d birthday girl, Joyce
d organizer, Carol aka Carrot =D

She. =)

that saturday has no youth, and we spent our afternoon at angel's place. Went Windmill with relatives that night. awesome steak wulala~ i was really full. First i ate fried rice, then the chicken chop chop chop~ 2 bowls of mushroom soup, a cup of lime juice, fries, fries.. and more fries :DD last but not least, salad..

'omg, i nvr tried papaya as hard as this!'
'neh this one lah!'


and fyi, it was my lil bro who told me that. embarassing. LOL xD


i love the atmosphere at city park especially at night..
the lightings along the walkway, the lake, and how gorgeous the still water look, lying calm and deep in that brilliant moonlight.. =) it's certainly a great place for a stroll..

i guess im getting myself another pendrive.. 8gb is not enough for my songs! =(
but ahhh, gotta save. save. SAVE.
Thank God for giving me another student hehes.. not much pay but yehhh at least. =)
sister is doing fine in Kedah, i cant wait to see her! *hugs xD
SPM is around the corner and wooooot look wat im doing still..

online, drama, novels, food, and blah blahhs.

I hv to control myself, seriously.. i guess im putting on weight. good news thou! LOL
Thanks gor for the moviee xD and da kitkat yummies~

Random: i eat chocolate-flavoured Oat Krunch almost every night =D

and im finishing them soon. Sad. D:

Random2: i miss my zombies! xDD

and imma play PvsZ now! :D


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