Sep 24, 2010

at 6:58 PM

so in the end..

..i went for both the farewells ;)

first i went for choir, since i didn't book a place for CF Lunch, so i thought i ll just go home..
but then when Colleen saw me she asked me in =D
didn't know they ll let me in hehehs..
what to do, seniors ma... lala =p

before u scroll down for some shots, please forgive me for the bad quality of pix!

got sumthin cute as souvenirs..

tadaaa.. =))

look it's my colour! ;D

then later i took another 2 extra hehh~

as for the souvenirs for us seniors, this is what i've got..

photo frame with some sweet notes on it..aww..

then this, farewell gift frm Choir..

some hand made photo frame by some form2's.. swweeeet horrr..
appreciate them lots =))

few days ago my aunt came bck frm Aus, and got me...


it's me, Joey! ;DD hahax..


i always love ice cream..
more so when it has choc chips on it.
they add colour, they add taste.. ;)

ice cream is my life,
and you
are my chips..
so sweet, so colourful,
and so

if u ever drop by..
yeah..i miss you..

p/s: i share my ice cream, but never the chips!




Chea Ru Yen said...

Hehe I also took 3 souveneirs...i mean the CF one LOL hahahah~~CF lunch was nice leh~~=D

MidnightGurl said...

indeed, it was wayyyy better than last year leh..
thumbs up* for the new committees ;D


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