Oct 27, 2010

at 11:42 AM

17th year on Earth =)

With every tiny bit of my heart, Thanks, is the word.

Wishes, phone calls, prayers, text messages, blessings, facebook comments.
U all just made me feel special!! =))

before i start, note for you: long post!

i never had a proper birthday party at my own house.
oh wait, i think ther was one, but i was only 5.. =p
until then, my birthday is merely one ordinary day.. few wishes, gifts and nothing more. =)
i was contented, knowing at least, they still remember me! i appreciate all of them, yes i do!

expectation leads to disappointment.. not all the time but most of the time..
i dont expect surprises.. reason why my mum always say i over-reacted towards small stuff xDD so when ther is one, i would definitely go gagaaaaa!

yesterday itself, i had enough of'em.. =) just the night before, i got my first present frm bei..
Gawd, she always know wat i wanted.....haha!! bei love u lahhh! xDDD

double chocolatee!!! yummm....... gt notes inside, but im nt showing! jealous boh? hahax! =.='

my aunt frm JB called. ahhh a veryyy sweet aunt of mine, she loves all 3 (me sis bro) of us!
we used to hang around her place, but when we grow older we tend to be so caught up with studies, school and stuff..ye know.. and so we travel less.. jus recently my cousin bro, which is my aunt's son, got married to a malay girl..
well wat can i say.. =) anyway, i didn't get to attend his wedding..how sad!

wops, sorry, back to the point xD
and then a few more phone calls from frens, earli wishes becuz they couldnt make it until 12..what-lah! xP
and then facebook comments.. hahs..it took me so long to reply all.....but one advantage, i got to talk to so many long-lost-fren! =D
sms-es were all sweet..for them to wish me thru sms, means they are close enuf with me to get my new number hahas! thanks lahh buddiesss!

i slept late, excited over the whole thing =p
next morning, disturbed by mom's alarm clock.. bro was getting ready for school, and just before i went back to sleep, bro rushed in and woke me up gahhhhs! annoyed, but stil i wore a smile..
reali, my brother is the cutest bro ive ever had! (duhh i only have one xD)
he wished me, and handed me a basket wrapped with hamper's wrapper.. at first i thought he was plying, so i said, (translated) 'what...don't play lahh...'
his eyes wide open, 'what!! u see yourself lahhh~~~'
i sat up, stil half asleep.. the moment he on the light, i jumped up and almost screeaammm LOL..
well, nothing big, again tat was why my mum always say i over-reacted hahas!
it's from my parents, bro, sis and 2 of my aunts.. they stuffed everythin in and make it look like one BIG present.. haha smart! x)

this is how it looks like, with some notes on a love-shaped wrapper =))

it has a 'kid' word on top, insult eh? =x

see, they just know me too well...

after getting hyper for almost 30mins, just to check out everythin inside the basket n tell them how muchhh i love'em, i went back to sleep xP
woke up around 8, took a morning shower (so not me!) and checked my facebook..
then later, i woke daddy and got ready for mah day!
went n pick Josh frm station, and headed Jusco..it was his very-busy-week and yet he found time for me.. thanks joshh.... =))

met up with my 2 other darling J (joyce n jane) and Raymond hehe..
first was greenbox.. not gonna elaborate thou..
one small group of people in a karaoke room, anyone could hv imagine the crazinessh.. xD
then later they surprised me by (not a cake o.o) 6 colourful doughnuts? lalalaa
sweet, both the surprise and the doughnuts! =p hahaa

next was movie..thx Raymond for spending meee! Jane didnt join us for moviee due to her tuition, wat a waste mann....and i didn't even get to say BYE!! ishh...
we watched 'The Other Guys'..story line normal, but not bad, it made me laughed.. not very muchh but at least..haha!
later we went mcD n Bowling.. but i ate nothing n plyed nothin lols! teman them nia xDD

Joyce n Raymond went back early, so we lepak around..
with a wonderful CHOC ICE-CREAM as dah 'GREAT FINALE' haha xP
well just too bad we couldnt stay longer...good time flies hmm?
daddy fetched me home and drove josh home too..thankew daddy, ure the best!

as i gently and carefully ripped open those presents n those lil sweet notes, man....just like i said.. for the rest of the night, i couldn't help it but to smile...

notes on a card... a photo frame with our picture,

and more notess!

cute stuff! and a small lil card with notes! =))

those were frm my
2 Darling J's!


Josh gave me his spare phone...!!
with a handmade card..

mah pressies!


woah look at my cam quality...imba zz

anyway, 80% of them were food.. Chocolate, to be precise..
meaning to say.. yay! i hv stuff to munch during my midnight hour! xP

you, made my day.

sweet 16 was a blast,
sweet 17 was a bliss


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