Oct 7, 2010

at 5:00 PM

Birdies on mah Head.

Never knew i'd hv a chance to say that admaths is EASY.
yes im serious!
i only left 2 questions blank, can u imagine?! =DD

actually ther're only 13 questions larh. xp


nevamind, at least i read what im supposed to..wheees.
i actually had a goal for today..
Talk less, drink more water.
and i phailed for the first part =x
well initially that was my plan.. but then later R spoilt the the whole thing!
he just can't stop talking to me..... =.='

'what? chg ur goal to tmr larhh, tmr i wun talk to u i promise =D'...what nonsense LOL

im sick. down with flu, and sore throat..
it happens, whenever im hving a test or exam. seriously.

then after school i was too busy talking to J, until i missed my school bus...!
i was like..


and so in the end, i had to walk home all by myself...
and while walking, all the memories seemed to come rushing to me..
yeh, that exact road i took.. =)

good news was, i got to exercise and my flu got better. wohooo*
but then when i got home, i did sumthin stupid with my sister..
it made me laughed out loud and my sore throat got worse LoL!

i guess im gonna have a headache real soon. so yeh, buaix!




wow... u answered better thn me last time... haha... lol... so close walk home la... take as exercise ma... ur sis at home nw meh?

MidnightGurl said...

u mean admaths arr? others i did but might be wrong also wat.. xD
it seems close, but need at least 20mins lehh..
sis came home last week, went back Kedah today.. heh


at least you've tried ma... last time i think i left 5 or more ques blank leh... bt the road oso quite dangerous leh... last time i took a short cut home gt my hp snatched... ooo juz askin...

MidnightGurl said...

i took the shortcut also O.o.. thank God nothing happened xD


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