Oct 23, 2010

at 1:23 AM

Fret Not! daaaahhhhs

wheelala test over jor x)

thank God, truly.

me likey de markss.. heh!

i was looking thru some blogskin, AGAIN..
and imma change, AGAIN!

no doubt, Black never fails to delight me! *eyes sparklee*
something elegant, something emotional. yep that's it.

im supposed to sleep early..
God, please wake me tmr morning before KK kills meyy..
going for another 'jogging' with her =)))
yesh it's Saturday, typical one. me Loving it.

if you're 17, then sorry but i have to say..
it's 32days til you-noe-wut is here.
but hey, chill.. it's just another rockieee on da pathway..
take one pace at one time, cross it and be sure not to stumble =)

my favourite bible verse! tadaaaaas~

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” (Proverbs 1:7)
oh yahh, mother bought Choc Oat Krunch liaoo...
My Goodness thanks marmieee! xp

Random: Cherry Ripe doesnt taste good.. funny how it wrote ther 'Rich Dark Chocolate'... Cherry IHY! =x

why i see so many ants crawling about..
Oh dear, it must be me!



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