Oct 21, 2010

at 3:21 PM

Let's call this, an update =)

Right, tomorrow will be the last day of my test =)

we had test last last week, then rested for a week, and here goes the 2nd round.. add up both test and tat ll be our total marks..compli eh? Don't bother lol..

anyway for the first round, i was quite satisfied with my marks lehh.. my hard work paid off! x)
not all, but most of them teeheeees

Today's papers were Sc n Admaths..
speakin bout admaths, it reminds me of Chips More!

basically,i got an S.O.S msg from Bei that day and had insomnia for the whole night...

LOL! joking..

well the story behind, was me going over her place and did admaths until late..very, very latee night xD and to prevent procrastination, she got me ChipsMore! wheeeehaaa now u know x)
and ohmygoshh it's double chocolate!!!.... *drooooool*
indeed, it made us..me, at least, to be able to study as planned and stopped just an hour before the breaking dawn..

hey Caffeine, i don't need you anymore! =D

Blahs.. so back to topic, the moment i scanned thru admaths paper, i was like.. oh yes!..
but then just too bad, we only had an hour to do..
i took too long for the front part, and the last question sucks biggie time..
10 marks leyy dai lou... let's just wait and see wat i ll get for admaths.. lol

next was science, danngggg is the word.
2 tuitions yesterday is enough to squeezee away all my strength.

Energy depleted. *cry!

just before i could read a page of my sc module, my eyelids went offline.. =x

LOL, blame eyelids pulak xDD

anyway, we had a few hours before paper, so at least, something went in my head..hehhhs
the paper came out with my weakest topics..zz with dah frikkiee blast furnace and frikiee radio transmission...gahhhhhhhh.......so it turned out quite bad.. =(

but then i think i did the essay correctly. =D

yesterday i was resting on bed, suddenly my bro came rushing in.. jumped on the bed and..

'come we play 'one two jus'! loser treat ice cream, note: CHOCOLATE ice cream =DDD'
'wahh u todae very semangat hor.. don't forget u stil owe me one horr..'
'yes yes i know! faster! 3 times..'
'ok lor o.o'

scissors paper stone! *bro waves 1 finger in the air*
scissors paper stone! '...'
scissors paper stone! '.....!!'
scissors paper stone! '.....!!!!!!!!!...'


in the end, he kept pleading me to, play, again.

Small Kid. x) *evil laughss*

Good. Now i have 2 ice creams.



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