Oct 11, 2010

at 7:53 PM


k, finally found time to update..
test is over, and i skipped school todae..
sorry Ekey! forgot to inform u =xxx
our class is gonna perform a song for Pn.Tan for her retirement on Wed, and it's really sad that she's leaving us! =((
she's probably the cutest teacher ive seen, no jokeee! ;D
imma misshh you teacher, real much....

i just counted my days left.. (sounds wrong o.o)
42days to be exact. minus off my weekends, which normally are my busiest days of da week..
i hv 6 weekends, so it's 12 days..
no matter how bad ur maths is, i believe everyone can count this..

42 - 12 = 30


yeshh, 30 days for me, to hardcore study...
divide by 10 subs, so its 3days per subject..

thank God i studied this morning.. not bad hor? x)

my 016 number is terminated.
whoever had my old number, pls inbox me or leave a msg for my new number.. =)
thats if u want lah of course.. hehh

x x x

it wasn't very long, but the weird feeling is gettin stronger..
probably i haven't got use to it..yet..
how could a foundation that was once so steady and strong, collapse..

i had no idea.

i read back a post that once touched a heart, a heart so wild yet so true. and i shattered.
that very same post had just given me another whole new feeling.

memories, shall never perish.
and love, keep no record of wrong.

until then, that very label, shall remain frozen.

may it be temporary, or permanently.

ow@ys & 4eva,


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