Nov 29, 2010

at 2:51 PM

SPM - Day 4

maths paper secured A.. =))

This morning i was late for my transport! slept like a pig =.='
well, thx mom..for waking me heh

checked my paper1, got 2 careless mistakes.. =(
paper2 i guess should be good..

i had 1hour extra for paper2, wanted to leave hall early..
in the end i didnt..
as long ther is time, i still stand a chance.. i told myself..

so the extra 1hour, i slept for 30mins.. (letih sial!)
and the remaining 25mins, i was plying with my stationery =x
just a few mins before time is up, i decided to look thru my paper once again..

i prayed..

'Father, please show me my mistakes!'..

and i opened my paper...
the first thing i see, was the angle for the arc length thingy..

i went like WALAO EHH THE ANGLEE!!!

3 mins.. i canceled the whole thing as neat as it can be..
2mins... oh Lord, helppp..... *busy scribblinggg*
1min... 'Okay, pelajar2, masa sudah tamat'..

wow pheww DONE!! thank you Lord...thank you sooo muchh!

God is good, All the time! =))

we were given extra graph papers..and i dont noe wat are they for =.='
most of them were untouched..and i saw the teachers crumpling the papers after collectin them..
i was like.. woot.. the papers were all..clean...shiakss...

tmr moral, they better be lenient! A+ here i comee~~ >:)

say NO to exams, save our Earth! D;

4 down, 6 to go,
♥ Jo


Nov 25, 2010

at 1:15 PM

SPM - Day 3

i now declare, that my biggest fear is GONE!!~
Yip Yip Hoorayyy~!! =DD

yeshh, sejarah is over, my stress is over.

we started learning sej in form1, and it has been my worst sub eversince!
now that the papers are over, i just couldn't find words to describe dah joy~..


spending half of my bedtime in front of pc last nite, God knows how much that ive actually read..
Good or Bad, i ard gave my all.. if i dont get an A for this, please look for me in the newspaper nxt year around April.. best it's one week after results. =)


Tips were quite useful this time, but then the Indus and HwangHo part..grr..
funny how everyone was SO SURE bout this.. even my teachers!
in the end the questions were right at the contrary..
great, wher is mesopotamia again? =.='


i had extra time for paper 2..
so instead of checking n checking n keep checking, i took my sweet time plying with the string they gave.. xD
i thought of so many ways to tiru.. zz
it wasn't that strict afteral.. long hair long finger nails dirty shoes.. nobody catch!

(of course, mine are all in good condition xD!)

the tupperware they bring in has small pockets at the side..nobody check..
the SPM slip we bring in for every subs..nobody check..
the plastic bag for stationery..nobody check..

we could easily bring in small papers with ur tupperware, jot down notes at the back of the SPM slip, extra notes in the plastic bag, and even keeping them in ur pockets!
next will be going to the toilet.. u noe wat..

hahaa, nonsense much!

but gladly, none is blank on my papers =)

get lost, be it a year or two.

3 down, 7 to go,
♥ Jo


Nov 24, 2010

at 1:29 PM

SPM - Day 2

Gahhh i'm soo...tired...

BI1 and BI2 weren't very hard..

i chose not to rely on tips, mana tau this time tips accurate..
=.=' but only for one of the essay and novel part..close to that..

i finished paper2 an hour earlier, and as i glanced around the hall..
i was like... 'omg.....why is everyone busy writing.....' @@...
i slept late last nite, and was really tired today..

k, i noe i shouldn't..

later, i saw some of my friends started leaving the hall.. then the idea strike right away..
when i was about to lift my hand, i stopped half way..
how do i go home then? =.='
my transport will only reach at 1.. so i told myself..forget it...
i forced my eyes open, and checked my paper, again n again..
syiakss, time was lik turtle =.= i slept the last 20mins, and now my hands are aching..

but nevermind! im pretty confident with mahh papers.. =DD

p/s: TamTam, im gonna show you just how powerful your 'lucks' are! =p

Kawanssku, everybody still doing good? =)

2 down, 8 to go,
♥ Jo


Nov 23, 2010

at 8:35 PM

SPM - Day 1

Hoooh, great, i actually have time to blog haha~
Gonna try do it like trial.. yeshh, so memorable!

Okay, first up, bm1 and bm2.

2 words, tips PHAILED.
not totally, but mostly.. o.o

i would say papers were okay, not as scary as ive imagined hehh..
the Kata Tanya part reali made me smile hahaxx..
peribahasa, glad i answered fully, for the first time! =))
Novel was out of expectations, well i hope i did it correctly..

i thank God for my supportive friendss...
they made my inbox full! ;'D

i made the right choice to not skip my drum lesson yesterday night..
it wasn't a waste of time, noe why? Carol was there! =D
hahaxx, she taught me alot useful peribahasa and yep, they were indeed useful..
at least i wasn't blank! =)

Before i did my first paper, ive decided to pray..
i folded my hands, and i began to think..
how do i pray now? o.o

Pray for myself? nop.. that's way too selfish..
Pray for my friends only? nopp, everyone in this hall are my friends!..
Pray for all the candidates? no wayy, if everyone does well, standard wil be high right?
then what?

'Father, let your will be done!'

Spm-ers, or STPM-ers, if u're reading this, trust me.. prayers work!

1 down, 9 to go,
♥ Jo

Nov 18, 2010

at 1:31 PM

Will you be there?

Last night, was a pain.
I looked up, no star in sight.
I sat on my cabinet, as always.
Last night, was extra dark.

Cell phone, was the only thing i was holding.
Tempted, to press on the call button.
Until suddenly i remember, ahh my credit....
Cell phone, wasn't in need anymore.

Text message, scratched away every piece of my heart.
I read it, again n again.
God, what's wrong with me?

Reluctantly, i replied.
I made it worse, surely.

Insomnia, it wouldn't go away.
I prayed to God, to take charge of them all.
I forced my eyes close, and i succeeded.

Last night, was indeed a pain.
For the first time, my mind raced.

God, what's next? Nobody knows.
Please, let your will be done, and not mine.

Once upon a time, i was convinced.
But last night, I doubted myself.

This morning, the pain was there.
But later, again i was convinced.

Yes, i choose, to put my trust in you =)

For You,


Nov 11, 2010

at 9:50 PM


hey hey sumbody misses my blog! =p
u noe urself lorh hor.. hahaha!

didn't get the mood to blog these days..
partly becuz of SPM.. well duhh...

this post is specially dedicated to all my frens who're sitting for spm, and stpm.
do well, and make everyone proud!
pray hard, and study smart.

heh, nt gonna talk too much, very annoying rite??.. xDDD

now everytime i online, i get a question..
and each time, it's from a different person..

'weii nonit to study?'

yess, over n over again..

Walk with me, as I
Seek Your Face.



Nov 2, 2010

at 12:44 PM

it's all one to me! =)

hey 20 more days to go! =DD

wah wrong face lah joey..zz


some happenings on my birthday =)

the 6 colourful doughnuts i was saying =p

2days after my birthday was KayKay's birthday.. just too bad she couldn't come back..
that day itself, my church frens celebrated my belated birthday at Tarot =D
it wasn't the initial plan, tats wat they told me.. aiyahh doesnt matter, even 1 simple meal is enuf! xDD

xuan :: bryan :: leon :: angel :: carol

noe wat they gave me? a voucher.. and fyi, it's a hand-made voucher.. speechless rite..
i reali thought it was a REAL one until i see the word 'Angel's Hair' at the top right corner..
LOL.. but it's usable of course.. xD

as silly n crazy as it is.. i love it.. yes i just love it! xP

thanks guys.. =)

i went Bei's house straight after the meal, brought my uniform n school bag n everything along..
so we did study, i slept around 4.30am.. and the nxt time i open my eyes, it's 8.30am..
Ha-Ha.. yeh u noe wat i mean lah..

the whole morning we were half studyin n half talkin.. until 12pm+ i went saloon with angel..
had a hair-cut, it looked AWESOME at first, but later..HAHAHAHA... nvm..
nobody actually see the differences.. wahh sad die me =(( lols

nxt location was CHHS.. WX stunned for 2 secs the moment she saw us.. heh surpriseeee..laaahs~
and so we headed T1.. i hope KK wont read this.. but yep, our objective was to look for her present =p
mcD at T1 sux... swt nvm..
then later we went round n round n finally decided to buy her a suits her much.. =)
we bought another box for it, the whole thing cost us a fortune!! (omg sorry im just exaggerating xDD) searching for her present took us more than an hour..cuz we were also caught up at some shops for clothes.. heh =p
but still, kaykay, IF u're reading this, please tell us u love it! hahha!

i bought the card reader, like finally!...i rmb i bought one beggining of this year and it wasn't working ZZ.. still with me thou.. so thank God the new one works.. yayy..
and since it's working, i got to upload a better version of my presents.. hahas!!


i've spent alot for the past one week.. saturday after youth we decided to try a new restaurant just behind RJ KFC.. nice, both the food n the price.. =.=
very tiring Saturday, as usual..

look at these lovely keychains!!

presents from kaykay

Sunday was worse..spent approximately 6hours at the library.. but i studied only half of wat ive planned.. and later, walked to T1.. again =x.. they wanted mcD but i strongly disagreed..
so in the end we ate at a random shop.. and not forgetting my ice-cream before we balik =D

went for a wedding dinner that night.. i dun always go for dinner like that, so i was quite, u noe..excited xD
i was ard full when they served the 4th it kinda taught me a lesson..
never take extra.. =x

brother.. =x

mah dress! =D

my time was really pack the past few days..exhausted...fuhh
yesterday i went school, and slept for the first few periods.. sumthin happened n it was really embarrassing =.='''' nt telling.. =p

teacher asked for our signature as to finalize our koko marks..
glad i got the highest in class, but guess wat?.. my point was's a B!! =(
teacher said as long i gt proof, i stil hv chance to get A.. so yeh!! next week, mamamiaa!! xDD

when i reached home i thought i could go for a really nice lunch with daddy but uhh, he wasn't in.. so happen tat day he was hving an appointment in kl..
so i had to cook myself =(( slept all the way until 8pm+.. drum lesson was at 7 and i overslept.. lols..

i think im kinda long-winded in this post..
don't you think so?

paiseh.. but yep..

i'm done.



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