Nov 2, 2010

at 12:44 PM

it's all one to me! =)

hey 20 more days to go! =DD

wah wrong face lah joey..zz


some happenings on my birthday =)

the 6 colourful doughnuts i was saying =p

2days after my birthday was KayKay's birthday.. just too bad she couldn't come back..
that day itself, my church frens celebrated my belated birthday at Tarot =D
it wasn't the initial plan, tats wat they told me.. aiyahh doesnt matter, even 1 simple meal is enuf! xDD

xuan :: bryan :: leon :: angel :: carol

noe wat they gave me? a voucher.. and fyi, it's a hand-made voucher.. speechless rite..
i reali thought it was a REAL one until i see the word 'Angel's Hair' at the top right corner..
LOL.. but it's usable of course.. xD

as silly n crazy as it is.. i love it.. yes i just love it! xP

thanks guys.. =)

i went Bei's house straight after the meal, brought my uniform n school bag n everything along..
so we did study, i slept around 4.30am.. and the nxt time i open my eyes, it's 8.30am..
Ha-Ha.. yeh u noe wat i mean lah..

the whole morning we were half studyin n half talkin.. until 12pm+ i went saloon with angel..
had a hair-cut, it looked AWESOME at first, but later..HAHAHAHA... nvm..
nobody actually see the differences.. wahh sad die me =(( lols

nxt location was CHHS.. WX stunned for 2 secs the moment she saw us.. heh surpriseeee..laaahs~
and so we headed T1.. i hope KK wont read this.. but yep, our objective was to look for her present =p
mcD at T1 sux... swt nvm..
then later we went round n round n finally decided to buy her a suits her much.. =)
we bought another box for it, the whole thing cost us a fortune!! (omg sorry im just exaggerating xDD) searching for her present took us more than an hour..cuz we were also caught up at some shops for clothes.. heh =p
but still, kaykay, IF u're reading this, please tell us u love it! hahha!

i bought the card reader, like finally!...i rmb i bought one beggining of this year and it wasn't working ZZ.. still with me thou.. so thank God the new one works.. yayy..
and since it's working, i got to upload a better version of my presents.. hahas!!


i've spent alot for the past one week.. saturday after youth we decided to try a new restaurant just behind RJ KFC.. nice, both the food n the price.. =.=
very tiring Saturday, as usual..

look at these lovely keychains!!

presents from kaykay

Sunday was worse..spent approximately 6hours at the library.. but i studied only half of wat ive planned.. and later, walked to T1.. again =x.. they wanted mcD but i strongly disagreed..
so in the end we ate at a random shop.. and not forgetting my ice-cream before we balik =D

went for a wedding dinner that night.. i dun always go for dinner like that, so i was quite, u noe..excited xD
i was ard full when they served the 4th it kinda taught me a lesson..
never take extra.. =x

brother.. =x

mah dress! =D

my time was really pack the past few days..exhausted...fuhh
yesterday i went school, and slept for the first few periods.. sumthin happened n it was really embarrassing =.='''' nt telling.. =p

teacher asked for our signature as to finalize our koko marks..
glad i got the highest in class, but guess wat?.. my point was's a B!! =(
teacher said as long i gt proof, i stil hv chance to get A.. so yeh!! next week, mamamiaa!! xDD

when i reached home i thought i could go for a really nice lunch with daddy but uhh, he wasn't in.. so happen tat day he was hving an appointment in kl..
so i had to cook myself =(( slept all the way until 8pm+.. drum lesson was at 7 and i overslept.. lols..

i think im kinda long-winded in this post..
don't you think so?

paiseh.. but yep..

i'm done.




xuan.. said...

NICE post =)
n i knw wad was the "embarrassing thing"....hahahXD

MidnightGurl said...

weii u better shhhh..... xDD


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