Nov 11, 2010

at 9:50 PM


hey hey sumbody misses my blog! =p
u noe urself lorh hor.. hahaha!

didn't get the mood to blog these days..
partly becuz of SPM.. well duhh...

this post is specially dedicated to all my frens who're sitting for spm, and stpm.
do well, and make everyone proud!
pray hard, and study smart.

heh, nt gonna talk too much, very annoying rite??.. xDDD

now everytime i online, i get a question..
and each time, it's from a different person..

'weii nonit to study?'

yess, over n over again..

Walk with me, as I
Seek Your Face.




Chea Ru Yen said...

Yea yea it's me...I miss your blog very veeeery much =p hehe... All the best ah!~

MidnightGurl said...

awwww shooowww shhwiiiiit! xP thankeww, pray for me! =))


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