Nov 23, 2010

at 8:35 PM

SPM - Day 1

Hoooh, great, i actually have time to blog haha~
Gonna try do it like trial.. yeshh, so memorable!

Okay, first up, bm1 and bm2.

2 words, tips PHAILED.
not totally, but mostly.. o.o

i would say papers were okay, not as scary as ive imagined hehh..
the Kata Tanya part reali made me smile hahaxx..
peribahasa, glad i answered fully, for the first time! =))
Novel was out of expectations, well i hope i did it correctly..

i thank God for my supportive friendss...
they made my inbox full! ;'D

i made the right choice to not skip my drum lesson yesterday night..
it wasn't a waste of time, noe why? Carol was there! =D
hahaxx, she taught me alot useful peribahasa and yep, they were indeed useful..
at least i wasn't blank! =)

Before i did my first paper, ive decided to pray..
i folded my hands, and i began to think..
how do i pray now? o.o

Pray for myself? nop.. that's way too selfish..
Pray for my friends only? nopp, everyone in this hall are my friends!..
Pray for all the candidates? no wayy, if everyone does well, standard wil be high right?
then what?

'Father, let your will be done!'

Spm-ers, or STPM-ers, if u're reading this, trust me.. prayers work!

1 down, 9 to go,
♥ Jo

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