Nov 24, 2010

at 1:29 PM

SPM - Day 2

Gahhh i'm soo...tired...

BI1 and BI2 weren't very hard..

i chose not to rely on tips, mana tau this time tips accurate..
=.=' but only for one of the essay and novel part..close to that..

i finished paper2 an hour earlier, and as i glanced around the hall..
i was like... 'omg.....why is everyone busy writing.....' @@...
i slept late last nite, and was really tired today..

k, i noe i shouldn't..

later, i saw some of my friends started leaving the hall.. then the idea strike right away..
when i was about to lift my hand, i stopped half way..
how do i go home then? =.='
my transport will only reach at 1.. so i told myself..forget it...
i forced my eyes open, and checked my paper, again n again..
syiakss, time was lik turtle =.= i slept the last 20mins, and now my hands are aching..

but nevermind! im pretty confident with mahh papers.. =DD

p/s: TamTam, im gonna show you just how powerful your 'lucks' are! =p

Kawanssku, everybody still doing good? =)

2 down, 8 to go,
♥ Jo



Arnan Koh said...

wah why you got so much time.... i remember that i had to rush my essay to finish on time.

MidnightGurl said...

essay is time was just nice for essay paper, paper2 i hv so much time extra! lol


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