Nov 25, 2010

at 1:15 PM

SPM - Day 3

i now declare, that my biggest fear is GONE!!~
Yip Yip Hoorayyy~!! =DD

yeshh, sejarah is over, my stress is over.

we started learning sej in form1, and it has been my worst sub eversince!
now that the papers are over, i just couldn't find words to describe dah joy~..


spending half of my bedtime in front of pc last nite, God knows how much that ive actually read..
Good or Bad, i ard gave my all.. if i dont get an A for this, please look for me in the newspaper nxt year around April.. best it's one week after results. =)


Tips were quite useful this time, but then the Indus and HwangHo part..grr..
funny how everyone was SO SURE bout this.. even my teachers!
in the end the questions were right at the contrary..
great, wher is mesopotamia again? =.='


i had extra time for paper 2..
so instead of checking n checking n keep checking, i took my sweet time plying with the string they gave.. xD
i thought of so many ways to tiru.. zz
it wasn't that strict afteral.. long hair long finger nails dirty shoes.. nobody catch!

(of course, mine are all in good condition xD!)

the tupperware they bring in has small pockets at the side..nobody check..
the SPM slip we bring in for every subs..nobody check..
the plastic bag for stationery..nobody check..

we could easily bring in small papers with ur tupperware, jot down notes at the back of the SPM slip, extra notes in the plastic bag, and even keeping them in ur pockets!
next will be going to the toilet.. u noe wat..

hahaa, nonsense much!

but gladly, none is blank on my papers =)

get lost, be it a year or two.

3 down, 7 to go,
♥ Jo



Chea Ru Yen said...

My sisters' biggest fear gone too!! haha

MidnightGurl said...

yeshhh, hope she did well! hahaa =p

Tommy said...

all the best! XD few more

MidnightGurl said...

yepp hahax thx!! xD


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