Nov 29, 2010

at 2:51 PM

SPM - Day 4

maths paper secured A.. =))

This morning i was late for my transport! slept like a pig =.='
well, thx mom..for waking me heh

checked my paper1, got 2 careless mistakes.. =(
paper2 i guess should be good..

i had 1hour extra for paper2, wanted to leave hall early..
in the end i didnt..
as long ther is time, i still stand a chance.. i told myself..

so the extra 1hour, i slept for 30mins.. (letih sial!)
and the remaining 25mins, i was plying with my stationery =x
just a few mins before time is up, i decided to look thru my paper once again..

i prayed..

'Father, please show me my mistakes!'..

and i opened my paper...
the first thing i see, was the angle for the arc length thingy..

i went like WALAO EHH THE ANGLEE!!!

3 mins.. i canceled the whole thing as neat as it can be..
2mins... oh Lord, helppp..... *busy scribblinggg*
1min... 'Okay, pelajar2, masa sudah tamat'..

wow pheww DONE!! thank you Lord...thank you sooo muchh!

God is good, All the time! =))

we were given extra graph papers..and i dont noe wat are they for =.='
most of them were untouched..and i saw the teachers crumpling the papers after collectin them..
i was like.. woot.. the papers were all..clean...shiakss...

tmr moral, they better be lenient! A+ here i comee~~ >:)

say NO to exams, save our Earth! D;

4 down, 6 to go,
♥ Jo


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