Nov 18, 2010

at 1:31 PM

Will you be there?

Last night, was a pain.
I looked up, no star in sight.
I sat on my cabinet, as always.
Last night, was extra dark.

Cell phone, was the only thing i was holding.
Tempted, to press on the call button.
Until suddenly i remember, ahh my credit....
Cell phone, wasn't in need anymore.

Text message, scratched away every piece of my heart.
I read it, again n again.
God, what's wrong with me?

Reluctantly, i replied.
I made it worse, surely.

Insomnia, it wouldn't go away.
I prayed to God, to take charge of them all.
I forced my eyes close, and i succeeded.

Last night, was indeed a pain.
For the first time, my mind raced.

God, what's next? Nobody knows.
Please, let your will be done, and not mine.

Once upon a time, i was convinced.
But last night, I doubted myself.

This morning, the pain was there.
But later, again i was convinced.

Yes, i choose, to put my trust in you =)

For You,



大头虾萝卜 said...

哦~看来有人深受 ‘内伤’ 哦!呵呵~解铃还须解铃人啊~ 我帮不了大忙,惟有大大声地跟你讲-----------你要好好加油!!!积极面对!!!叫神给你聪明智慧去处理哦!!


MidnightGurl said...

哇 几百年前的事了哦 哈哈哈 不过还是,谢啦大姐姐 我会加油的! =)

大头虾萝卜 said...



MidnightGurl said...


我的事情?没人懂! muahahahaha >;DDD


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