Dec 28, 2010

at 3:12 PM

Christmas was Awesome! =p

Note: i wish i could have a better camera Dx

Christmas Presents from :

My Lovely 二姨
ain't cheap! =x

My Beloved 阿姨
It's from Korea =p

The sisters, Angel n Grace
imma take good care of it x)

The sisters, Huay Nih n Huay Ling
it's Chocolate! =D

The Liang Moi Albee
whee another chocolate barrrrr~

My Sweetie KayKay
aww Love Letter for me =)

The Cutie Yi Ying
appreciate your card! ^^

My Crazy Couziees
err okay LOL

The Handsome Jul
Kit Kat as always xDD

The Turtle Jenny
suits you much =p

The Smartie Krystle
soo thoughtful of you ^^

The Noob Xuan
butterfly or bee? O;

My Buddy CheeJong
you still remeber mee =')

The Hyper David
dont worry i ll use it xD

My Dear Family
you guys know me besttt!

And not forgetting,
2 AngPaus from my Aunt and David's mother =)

And below are some fooooooood from Korea!
My aunts never forget about us everytime they travel xD

Look it's KitKat!!!!!

*since 1935*

my goodness, Limited Edition wehhh!!

awww ='))

Sadly, they've been divided..
so i only get 3 of them..
and yesterday, i lost one at Pizza Hut!

so careless......ish! D'x

Anyway, appreciate ALL the gifts from all of you..

Christmas is all about Jesus,
but without ALL of you,
Christmas would not be that Fun!

♥ Jo


Dec 26, 2010

at 10:57 AM

As promised, Outings!

looooong post =D

even before my econ papers, i was ard enjoying my holidays!

17th was a Friday, and it was really enjoyable!
went PutraJaya with the usual 38 gang.
Carol was our drebar, passengers were Jenny, Swee Yee, Xuan, my sister Jessie, and me Joey.
we laughed all the way there!


First we went Jaya One, i 'll name it the Food Building!
morning tea and brunch was on Carol...

the tea itself can feed me for one day liao...

Kimchiharu was greatttt! but i still don't quite use to the smell of Kimchi.. eww

but overall the food was nicee, thankss again Carol!!

Next, Carol drove us around and showed us the area, there are actually restaurants and offices at the bottom floor of the flats! or apartments, dont know o.o..
but cool enough, every restaurants were full with people!

After exploring around, we finally headed to our main destination, OneU!
actually the main purpose of our trip was to take pictures..(according to Carol) haha..
and so we did..

we stopped by at a stall, and i tried the porridge..goshhhh, i was tempted to get another bowl, but thanks to the gang! they said 'we'll come back for that later dont worry' , but in the end we didn't.. =.='..

ish! i miss the porridgeee!!!!

Before we left, i never forget to get my ice cream.. =p
i always LOVE them, i told the guy i wanted Chocolate, but he gave me Mix!... ish =.=''' spoilt the chocolate taste D;

Carol wanted to bring us for Dim Sum, but the restaurant wasnt open yet, so in the end we decided to turned back for the 'Flats with Food' (what a name xD)

i ordered the mushroom soup and shared Dory Quiche with sister..

Regret much..

Mushroom Soup without mushroom taste,

and Dory Quiche that looked more like a cake to me..

i swear i'll never order weird dishes anymoreeee... ='x

lols but at least, something brighten my mood once again.. it's the BROWNIES!!!
According to Carol (again), it's rated the Best in Malaysia! woah, im honoured! xp

We officially started our journey home at 6.30pm, and was late for Prayer Meeting.. wops =x

Tiring, but an Awesome one! =)

The next outing would be the night in Malacca! hehee
It was a Monday, the day i waved the Merdeka flag. yeah it's 20th =)
Frank the driver, and me, sister, kelvin the passengers.
We went there around 7.45pm, n reached one hour later.. Fetched jul from his house, and off for food hunting.. x)
Surprisingly, they brought us to the famous Ou Jian (fried oyster?) that i once tried with my family..

look at the uncle, he must be exhausted.. becuz after making ur order, u ll need to wait for at least 15mins.. =x imagine how good his business is!
the Wan Tan Mee shop next to it was also nice, especially the soup xp

Next station was Newton Hawker Centre.

These were what we ordered.

Notice the sausages with powder?

One bite of it you ll feel like you're flying without wings!
i drank 2 cups of ice water after getting one bite of the malak sausage! Dx
it's reali, reali, reali very very hooooooot..... adding to that, i don't eat spicy food.. =.=
my tongue BURNS! but i never regret trying!..hahax!
Frank even tried double super malak, giler much!! hahaa

after that we went Dataran Pahlawan, we were expecting lightings at the field, or was it a field? o.o
but maybe becuz it was drizzling a little, thats why the lights were off.. =.='
regardless of that, we still took pictures..

from left:
Kelvin :: Frank :: Jessie :: Joey

and the shadow: Jul

p/s: it wasn't on purpose =D

we didn't plan to leave the place until it was 12.30am.. o.o

Exciting! It was indeed a stress relieve! =D

The next day (21st Dec) , our Choir Team from TOW performed in Terminal1..
even thou it lasted for only an hour, but singing carols with them is such a great joy!..
we've been practicing for the past 2 months, and i believe we did really great for God! =)
after performing, i went Jusco with a few of them for Narnia. very nice =D
Companions were Jonathan (driver), Clarissa, Christopher and Kenneth..
thanks Chris for the 2 bucks xD and Jonathan for the Popcorn~

wanted to get an ice cream after movie but stall closed T_T sadden arghh...
thx Jon again, for the mamak after that.. =p

As casual as it is, i felt like we're in one big family =)

Wednesday (22nd Dec) i stayed home and tidied my room..
before SPM ended, mum always tell me this.

'i wonder when can all ur books be cleared.'

cuz she couldn't stand the messiness xD

gahh, i wonder also how i slept so well for the past 2 months in a room that looks more like a battlefield!
after spending one whole afternoon cleaning them, you can at least call it a room now. xD

i made TangYuan also..

3 in 1! =D

Thursday (23rd Dec) i went MidValley with Angel, Grace and Julian.
Main purpose is to get our Christmas presents hehe..

we took train at 11am sharp

and KK was ard at MV waiting for us..

we went Little Penang for brunch, and started to look for pressies.
Josh joined us later, and we went separate ways..
We went Starbucks, and tat was the second time i went there for a drink after the Genting Trip last year!

and the Chocolate Cream Chip was awesome!

Thanks dear!

then we went Garden n walked around and joined the others at 5pm+..
took train home, packed like crazy! but then later we found seats, PTL =p

had funny conversations in the train, until some guy standing nxt to us were giving us funny looks lols..
rushed to church at 8pm for rehearsal, and reached home only at 11pm+...

exhausted, but had great fun =)

Friday (24th Dec) Christmas Eve!
went S2 for badminton in the morning, slept in the afternoon, went church for Christmas Eve service, and mamak after that. =)
i heard fireworks at 12 sharp, at that instant i was so filled with joy! hehee =D

i stayed up the whole night makings cards and preparing presents..

look at my mentoss xp

a better n clearer look, photo credited to Bryan =))

morning 6.30am i made my famous cheeeezie egg bread for uncle Jul.. mana tau sister mistaken it was her breakfast and took one bite! =x
lols! paiseh, how was my cheezie bread jul? =p

25th Dec didn't go very well, for the whole day i'm walking with my eyes half closed!...
hahaa, kidding xp went church at 7am, services were great =)
Praise the Lord, so many people accepted Christ during the 2nd service! ^^

After service, i followed the gang to Jusco for Ichiban Ramen..

i ate Kimchi Fried Rice without eating the Kimchi LOL!

whee~ and not forgetting again my choc ice cream!

i slept all the way home, and for the rest of the evening i was also sleeping.. o.o
for the first time in my life, i actually slept on Christmas Day =p how special..

went Zack's house for party at night, food was reali nice, the smell of it can ard make me full!
didn't eat much thou..shouldnt hv taken dinner at home xp

then later we plyed some game, kena whacked on the head, and smacked on the thigh..
stupid right lol =.=

in love with sis Anny's girl!!

That was it, my week after SPM.. and there will be more to come! =)

i am still praying for you, and trusting God for a miracle.

As Always,
♥ Jo

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