Dec 28, 2010

at 3:12 PM

Christmas was Awesome! =p

Note: i wish i could have a better camera Dx

Christmas Presents from :

My Lovely 二姨
ain't cheap! =x

My Beloved 阿姨
It's from Korea =p

The sisters, Angel n Grace
imma take good care of it x)

The sisters, Huay Nih n Huay Ling
it's Chocolate! =D

The Liang Moi Albee
whee another chocolate barrrrr~

My Sweetie KayKay
aww Love Letter for me =)

The Cutie Yi Ying
appreciate your card! ^^

My Crazy Couziees
err okay LOL

The Handsome Jul
Kit Kat as always xDD

The Turtle Jenny
suits you much =p

The Smartie Krystle
soo thoughtful of you ^^

The Noob Xuan
butterfly or bee? O;

My Buddy CheeJong
you still remeber mee =')

The Hyper David
dont worry i ll use it xD

My Dear Family
you guys know me besttt!

And not forgetting,
2 AngPaus from my Aunt and David's mother =)

And below are some fooooooood from Korea!
My aunts never forget about us everytime they travel xD

Look it's KitKat!!!!!

*since 1935*

my goodness, Limited Edition wehhh!!

awww ='))

Sadly, they've been divided..
so i only get 3 of them..
and yesterday, i lost one at Pizza Hut!

so careless......ish! D'x

Anyway, appreciate ALL the gifts from all of you..

Christmas is all about Jesus,
but without ALL of you,
Christmas would not be that Fun!

♥ Jo


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