Dec 20, 2010

at 5:52 PM

SPM - Day 10 aka EXTREEEEME!

I got a FEEELING, that tonight's gonna be a GOOOOODIE night!
heheee, econ papers are over!.. =))

papers weren't as hard as i thought, honestly, i wasn't well prepared..
heh, for those who know, i actually enjoyed my few days time lag between bc n econ papers..
so when i started complaining i dun hv time for econ, im too tired, i've too much to read, they will start shooting me..
oh well, my bad..i wasn't free on weekends.. but thank God i managed to read thru this morning. =)
i chose to give up on afew topics which im weak at, and wheeee i spotted them right xD

our school hall isn't big enough to fit all form5s, only 5 classes are in.. and proudly, we're the 5th class..
the 4 classes before us are sc classes, and they dont take econs.. so today, the hall is super quiet, and i like that atmosphere =) lols.

10mins before the last paper ended, the hall was getting noisy.. students making noises?
no, couldn't be.. i turned behind, and saw that group of teachers chit-chatting ard..
i was like wahh.. they're even more excited than we are! their broad grins said it all. =x

before i leave school, i carried my bag and walked towards the hall..
dont know why, but i was a lil leaving school? time flies hor..
bukit mewah was like my 3rd home, i came in timidly knowin nth, and walked out so proudly as a form5 girl =)
i took my phone out and decided to take one lastttt memorable photo of my school hall!

one glance, all empty seats. cool much.

even from diagonal view, the tables and chairs are incredibly straight!

like i've ard said in my previous post, it's more like a 'okay done' instead of a 'YAY DONE!'..
hahaaa, but truth is i'm really happy! i felt like ive just lifted a stone frm my back. x)

maybe it ll only lasts for awhile, one day, one week, a month or so, becuz graduating from high school simply means i have to start planning for the future..

Perfect Love

Comes From Within The Heart


coming up next : Outings!!

10 down, and that's it!
♥ Jo


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