Dec 1, 2010

at 5:41 PM

SPM - Day 5 & 6

Did not get to update yesterday, becuz i wasn't home until late at night.. O;

adMtahs was the cause. Dont get confused..
Yesterday's paper was Moral.
Today was adMaths.

moral was cool =) did as usual, my A is safe.. *muax!
i was reali gan jiong for my moral paper, my frens around me really gave me alot pressure...
noe wat, almost half of my classmates get above 90 for school test..and my moral average mark is around 83 only.. dangg..

giler rite, i know..

durin moral paper i was very sleepy, and i stucked at 1 one-mark question..
i rested my head on my arms until i almost fell asleep..
one of the pengawas came to me n knocked at my table, and i was then wide awake.. o.o

(heh thank you ar cikgu~)

ohh well... im really hoping for an A+ =(

paper finished at 10+ yesterday, and i went fren's place n did admaths..
never knew we'd do until 1030pm.. hahax..

really, hardcored.

thx YH for coming, u saved us both! xp
but then blame myself, i forgot how to substitute for tat stupid gradient question... T.T

nevamind.... today's papers, i pray that the graph will be real low...
i roughly counted my marks.. min would be around urm....65...can 65 get A? hehee =p
but anyway, surprised that paper 2 was even easier than paper 1..

would our hard work pay off?

hv Faith, Joey Tien! =)

6 down, 4 to go,
♥ Jo



Miss Beiyi™ said...

wei tell u what, i know how 2 do d turning point leh!! about d dydx 1 ><
really thx to yihong mcksss~
argh, paper2 quite ok, jz gt few question din do, integration part totally lost case, left undone. =.=
haha.. hopefully, graph drops.
hopefully, A+ >.<!!

MidnightGurl said...

yala yala..doink! YH told me u even msg her to thank her maaa xDD
so grateful hor?..
i die larh zz, u did the graph question? i mis-und the whole question, 4 marks gone!! i was like......wat the......
i think A+ a lil hard for me..A- enough le...



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