Dec 2, 2010

at 1:32 PM

SPM - Day 7

Today was science.

Last night, i had no choice but to sleep on da couch..
aww sadden =x

becuz if i chose to sleep on my bed, 5.30am alarm will never work..
therefore last night, i slept with only my bolster n blanket...
gahhhh, weather was icy cold...but me lurving it! heees

i didnt read much last nite, even this morning, my eyelids were extra heavy..
for sum reason i can't explain D;


i still had my sc module in my hand while waiting for my transport..
the auntie told me to wait at 7 sharp, and so i did wat was told..

7.10am.. she's late..again..
7.15am.. what could she be doing in one SPM morning??
7.20am.. wait, has she ard left??
7.25am.. omg i betta call mum! (mum said anutie did not pick the phoneee.....)
7.30am.. *panicked... gahhh fine fine..

'uncle could you please fetch me to school cuz im getting late for my paper!'


thank you neighbor!

i reached school just in time, but wasted that 30mins finding transport...
syiiaks, how could she left me ='x
i had no time left to read science, was so nervousss....
'Dear Lord, be with me ='[ ' again i prayed.. (lol)

it turned out good!..fuhh.. =)
i was very very very careful for every questions..
cuz u noe, always the tricky one..

i came out 15mins earlier, just to save time..
for them to collect papers n make sure everythin complete, it ll take another 15mins..
so since ive double checked my paper, i went out n read for paper2..

as i was flipping thru, 'Oh dear, how do i finish reading all of 30mins time??..'
i almost lost hope..and tried to read as much as i can..

and noe wat....paper2 was unexpectedly easy..zz.......~


won't say i'm very confi with sc paper, but i think, i did quite well for both papers..

Never try to depend on luck.

so instead of Good Luck,

i wish you

All the Best.

7 down, 3 to go,
♥ Jo



Chea Ru Yen said...

WOW lucky you manange to find transport!! SPM!! no kidding...all the best for the rest of your papers!~ ;)

MidnightGurl said...

i was so panic u noee haha ><
hehee yep will do my best! =D


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