Dec 9, 2010

at 6:09 PM

SPM - Day 8


yes it's Account.. Never knew i'd even complain bout he papers..

i was well prepared, sort of..

paper1 was quite easy, i think i only get 3-4 mistakes..
we were so relaxed after paper1, until a point i dont even know wat else to revise for paper2..

This particular topic, wasn't in the tips, or analysis, or whatsoever.
it had never once came out in paper2, even my teacher said 99.9% wont come out..

tell me who will read something tats nt coming out for exam??
NOBODY!! at least not that i know of....


the moment i saw tat question i went lik OMGGG ITS YOU......
i nvr plan to give up, so i simply scribble nia..ishh..
10marks for that question, give me 2 and i ll be real contented!!

i shouldn't hv been that careless for Q2.. 18 marks for that, i think ive lost around 5m ard.. =((
the others were okay, i only got a lil confuse with the hutang lapuk thingy..
thanks YH once again for teaching me dividen..hehee

she's a true pro, and obviously she knows the principle of SHARING IS CARING lala xD
GBY YH! ure gonna score sooo well for all ur papers, yes all of'em.. =))

i agak agak counted my marks for acc papers, if the graph drops (again im hoping xp), then i stil hv a chance.. oh yeah..

living with anxiety for the past 2 years..

finally it's coming to an end.

8 down, 2 to go,
♥ Jo

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