Dec 15, 2010

at 12:16 AM

SPM - Day 9

So loooooong farewell Dear BC!!

don't ask me..i felt like tearing them into pieces... =)

Anyway, no idea why was i so sleepy, i wasted almost half an hour on one of the article..
dang it, i took 3 mins to understand one sentence..
cuz each time i read, nth goes in, so i had to read them a few times..

seriously, my synapses must be misfiring...

sigh! this is the only subject i confirm get B or below d..
if i ever get an A, the moon will turn red, im serious..

even the essay, which was wat always helped me to get marks..
i totally lost my confidence for that..
but then, i wrote almost 900 words..o.o i myself was surprised.. xD

gahhhh forget it larhh, im happy now that it was over!

EA falls on the 20th..yet im like celebrating ard..

syyyts.... (LOL)

9 down, 1 to go,
♥ Jo

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