Dec 15, 2010

at 10:20 PM

Swinging in the Bathtub? =p

Everybody is celebrating for the end of SPM!

but yet i'm stil patiently waiting for my econ paperss...
uhhh why do they have to put it the last papers...
me don't undersntadddddahhh!!!sighhh!

but well, ther isn't much difference, since i'm also half celebrating d..obvious right =p
by the way, i've just wasted 14hours downloadin the WRONG version of maplestory..
should have asked them maple kaki before i even click on any link..
syiaaks, now i have to, again, wait for another 14hours.. T_T

ishh leave that, i'm planning to go for undang soon d, hoooorayy!
heard they're chging the system, true or not true, i dont care =.=
doesn't affect much does it?

went jusco last nite, watched Lelio Popo with family.. err, moral is good, but then its really lame...
lol =.=' i would rather save that 10bucks for Narnia, Harry Potter, Rapunzel, or even Tron!!
too many to watch, my goodness xp

as excited as i am, still, tomorrow im going back school..
Pn Marina's gonna do revision with us..lovely isn't she? =)
ohyah, and my Darling Sister is coming home tomorrow..
be prepared for a big bear hug owkays jie? xPP

Friday im going OneU with Carol and dah gang! Carol the driver, may God Bless You much muchh!! =p *twink~ gonna have so much fun after jailing for one whole month! lalaaa

the only day for me to revise my econ wil be on sunday, but i also have plans for that day..
hmmmm o.o... lols SPM is not over, yet my schedule is ard full haha!
but anyway, it had been one month ard..tat kind of numbing feeling is indescribable..
i dont think i ll be extra happy on the 20th also..
instead of 'wow SPM is done!'..its basically just 'okay ive done the last 2 papers..' u got me?

i don't know wats ahead of me.. form6 or not, i'm not even sure myself..
or maybe if i get Matrics, how will life be? im getting anxious arhhhh.....
welllll, i'll just sit back and see where God leads me!

Today went Bigreen Leaf with Pators and the others..and this, is what i had...


i noe ur question, and YES I FINISHED THEM ALL!!! not forgetting also one cup of milo ais hehee
surprised? very big portion right.. i guess i was hungry.. =x
i've fallen so deeply for the mutton.. even now i can actually rmb the taste..owh mannn....
* drooool *~

Next week, will be my busy week! yet my favourite, yes favourite season of the year...

It's Christmas!!!!!

c'mon lets sing some carolssss~! heheeeeeees..
i'm in the Choir Team this year, all the best kawans!
we're gonna rock the whole Sactuary! xp

look at my SweetiePie, pro multitasker! wheelala~


but too bad, she only got to do 2 stuffs at one time..
cuz she jus wouldnt talk to me! xD

look look look at the clouds!!


and i'm wondering why was there an umbrella o.o

i think tats all for now..sorry for the loooong post!
for those who actually went thru the whole thing, I LOVE YOU! heheheheeeeeee~

too many things are up..
I....need some space to breathe!

sorry i was just being lame! xD

♥ Jo


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