Jan 5, 2011

at 1:16 PM

Complete Shambles!

This post has actually delayed much.. everytime i wanted to blog, something will just drift me away and there, blogging mood gonnnne!

lawls xO

i have my new hair now! not many know bout my hair thou, only my church frens hahas..
perhaps many would think that i dyed my hair, or i cut them short...

err nevermind that, nt imp xD

last saturday was epic..i went so many places with my aunt n mum..
first was Econ Safe , early in the morning i had to wake up..ishh tat sucks! =x
fooling around with bro n sis while mum n aunt buying their stuff.. lols
we played sumthing reali stupid, stupid enuf to make us running around searching for items.. xD and aunt will start to complain jokingly that we're being so childish!
u ll never hear mum grumble anything, but instead she ll say '惯了‘..

don't be surprise, that's what happen when u have siblings way younger than you, and not forgetting sister as 38 as mine!! xD

but who cares, i LOVE playing with them! =)

next we went Jusco for Manhattan Fish Market ;O
awesome! thanks aunts! heees
after much consideration, i've ordered this,

The Manhattan Grilled Norwegian Salmon!

omgosh the first bite was.....GAHHHH! indescribable!

After meal we ordered Brownies, looked nice! but just couldn't compete with the one i had at MM Cafe.. hahax.. too bad we didn't know how to enjoy it, cuz wat to do, we've ard tasted the BEST! =D

Super full..that meal can last me a day haha, it was my brunch, and the nxt meal i had was late that night, so imagine! =)

Next, aunt fetched sister to ktm, and we headed to The Store..
mum shopped for bro's clothes, and i window shopped around..

i was bored =x
and by the way, my smile sucks big time in this photo!
no idea why =.=

i hate queuing up sometimes, more so when the queue is sooooo daaarn loooong!
very sui one, counter jam, so they had to do it manually, which means it ll take longer lorhh...
somebody cut queue, aunt looked at him n say ' nei got wai ar?'
that uncle very beh song d, scolded bad word, and said 'li dou lei mai gah!'
wahhh so feirce lorh! even his daughter asked him 'ba ni ge wei ar?'

aihss, pathetic.

After The Store, we headed back to Tesco.. that time i was ard half dead, wonder how they can tahan for sooo long zz...shopped abit at DIY, then went upstairs..

freaky, no more trolleys =x

lols mum didn't wan to wait, so she threw the job to me =.=
i was lik soooo tired, and they want me to stand there waiting for trolleys!

this is where tey ll send the trolleys.

my patience always has its limit, instead of waiting, i went al the way in, and looked around in the store room..hoho smart me, I FOUND ONE! xD
so many ppl were standing out ther waiting for trolley (as u can see in the photo), so before anyone took it, i quickly grabbed the trolley n walked out so proudly, as if ther were windd blowwwing pass..

LOLS! ss-nyer xD

that was the last station heh.. then i had to rush to church for night service...
tiring Saturday, as usual!

oh before i forget, somebody was jealous cuz i didn't write bout him in my previous post LOL
so here's one for u ^.^

- Donald Duck! -

we statred talking just recently nia..always the one who loves to zat me! haha
anyway jus wana appreciate you for all ur time lately..hehe..i nvr get bored chatting with you, thou sumtimes reali gek si wa! haha nyway, thx for being such a great fren =DD 2011 is definitely gonna be better!

Sunday's gathering was cool, held at my uncle's place..

highlight of the night : marshmallow with burning chocolate!!

so soft,

so sweet! =D

next post: my days at work, interesting! =D

♥ Jo

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