Jan 19, 2011

at 10:41 PM

Feedings :D

Tell me how many would take the seats?

sermeban mamak cool max =.=

My money is flowing, i can see the hole of my wallet is getting bigger n bigger!
most of them were spent on FOOD.. hehe!
just as im typing here, im also talking to my mum planning for tmr's lunch..

erm speaking of that, my stomach is ard giving me the S.O.S sign..
so, be right back!

*5 mins later*

okay i'm back with maggi mee now xD shiiiish why am i like a hamster!
and p/s: al these weren't planned..my mouth never stop munching just lately..scary thou..

right, but the thing is..

i never get fat..... =(

NO i'm not trying to boast..lols.. =.=
well u noe, people nowadays are so sensitive.. wat, u think only FAT..ops i mean, PLUMP people have their struggles?? we SKINNY ones have our struggles ok!..ish..
i mean seriously, it's like, so hard for me to ask in public, hey how do i grow fat? =(
if i do, people wil start knocking my head...=.=

btw, im now eating extra curry maggi..it's....superb.....
no idea why i love ordering spicy food even thou i cannot tahan....i forgot how many times i ordered and i regretted LOL.. ask the gang, they know best xDD!

RANDOM: this..

nice angle :p you only get to see this once in a year!

praise the Lord, my income is increasing..and people are coming frm nowhere! tell me it's not God's will! :D and just few days back i told myself, no joey, u can't only look at the money, must know the purpose of it. yesh imma teach better! :)

oh please God, however is your plan for me, please never make me a teacher...!
part time yes, like now..but i dont wana end up a being a full-time...for goodness sake, no way!
but still if it's your plan..go ahead lorh....
so contradicting omg ahah! =.=

trying to be cool :D

but sorry if i failed :x

♥ Jo



Arnan Koh said...

Earn Money, than spend it all on food???? No need to save huh??? HAHAHAA...

MidnightGurl said...

exactly my point..lawls!


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